Pro-tips to Surviving a Rave

The rave scene can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. The culture behind the electronic music scene is unlike any other, you can ask any of us. Whether you’re preparing for your first show or festival, just on the lookout for some cool new sounds, or you’ve been hanging out with some of these weirdos and want in - you must know there are some unspoken rules that will lead to a chiller experience. So before you nosedive into the EDM scene, here are some pro-tips for you - and always remember to be safe, have fun and rage hard.

1. Stay hydrated and nourished.

No matter who you talk to, they’re going to tell you that the most important rule is to stay hydrated. Your health isn’t something to mess with, so always make sure that you’re fed before you leave and you drink as much water as humanly possible before, during and after the show.

2. Know your rave.

Listen to some sets from the acts you’re about to see. Become familiar with the sound so you’re not surprised with something you don’t like, or something that may freak you out.

3. Stay on top of your sh*t.

I can’t even tell you how many stories I’ve heard of lost IDs, passports and cell phones. Bring a backpack and don’t lose it. You may be tempted to keep it all home, but that’s not a good idea either. Figure out a safe, comfortable place to put all of your important things and stay on top of it all night.

4. Don't be a creep.

You might run into some sketchy people who are on some things you’ve never even heard of before. You may also run into some people who are more interested in starting a fight than vibing to the music. Don’t be either of these people, and keep your eyes open just in case you have a run in with one.

5. Wear comfortable shoes or you'll be sorry.

You’re going to be jumping around until the sun comes up, do yourself a favor and dress like it. You will be dancing like a fool and headbaning up a storm, don’t wear stilettos - a cute outfit is not worth more than comfort as your walking home at four in the morning.

6. Always be a water fairy.

The best people at raves are the ones that randomly pop up in the middle of a set with arms full of water bottles. If you’re thirsty, always buy enough to share with the ones around you. They’d do the same for you.

7. Stay grounded.

It’s going to get really, really weird at some points and you may become overwhelmed. Always remember to stay calm, stay grounded and that it’s allllll good.

8. Carry an emergency stash.

Bring more money than you think you need. Bring an emergency battery. You never know what can happen, and you can never be too prepared.

9. Remember, everyone is your rave family.

Everyone is there for pretty much the same reasons you are, and that alone makes you a family. Treat them with respect and they’ll give you the same. They are there to share in this experience with you, embrace that.

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