In a world where compassion is sometimes lacking, we are often taught to always put others first. But when did focusing on our own happiness become synonymous with being selfish?

While there are several times when it's important to look out for the people you care about, it's almost super important to stay in tune with your own emotions and recognize when a person or situation could be taking a heavy toll on you.

If you find yourself in an emotionally-draining toxic friendship or relationship, cutting ties with that person and putting yourself first is the opposite of selfish. It's the epitome of self-care. You are not inconsiderate for prioritizing your mental well-being and removing yourself from something that makes you constantly unhappy or anxious.

Part of taking care of your body is also looking after your mental health. Taking the time to prioritize your mind can absolutely make you more in touch with yourself and achieve inner peace. Those waves of positivity can ripple outwards to everyone else in your life, which could also help others improve their mindsets and bring about other benefits as well.

As with everything, someone will always have something judgemental to say if you choose to drain toxic people or problems from your life. But, it's extremely important to remain true to yourself and stand by your decision; it's extremely impossible to give back to others when you're not at your full capacity. Besides, no one has the right to dictate or make presumptions about how you choose to set your priorities.

Just like any face mask or bath bomb, getting in tune with your mental health will refresh and calm you, putting you in a better frame of mind. So don't ever apologize for prioritizing yourself and your happiness – your brain will thank you!