I Chose My Degree Over Greek Life, And I Still Enjoyed College
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I Chose My Biology Degree Over A Sorority, And I Still Enjoyed My College Years

College is the best time of your life, whether you go Greek or not.

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I did not go Greek, but some of my best friends did. I encourage you to do what is best for you. For me, it was not Greek life, but for you, a sorority might be just what you need in college. Trust me, either way, you will have fun and gain tons of memories. My opinion might be different from your's, but all in all, we are all very different.

It is your first day of college. You anxiously arrive early to ensure you will find a parking spot (good luck with that!!!) and find the correct building for your 8:30 class. You step out of your car with your stomach already in knots. You hope the campus map will lead you to your English class so you are not "that freshman" asking for directions because I mean, how embarrassing right?

Making your way to class and looking at the map of campus on your phone you start to realize one very specific thing...everyone is matching. Each girl you come across is wearing an oversized shirt with some strange letters on it. You honestly think in your head "am I missing the dress code email?" Again, nervously you just ignore that and walk into your first class and notice all those "oversized T-shirt girls" have gathered together in one area of the room. They are not inviting nor do they even look at you if you do not have some type of Greek letters on your shirt. This is where it begins. This is where the line is drawn and you realize, you are not in a sorority and half the girls on campus are. You stick out like a sore thumb. You now realize maybe you made a mistake and should have rushed like everyone said? Maybe you should have rushed so you would have friends automatically? I mean, who wants to be the one all alone on the first day of college? Not me, and I bet you agree.

When I was at orientation freshman year, I realized one thing, girls rush. Sororities are the key to everything. Friends, parties, boys, cool t-shirts. You name it, you get it all in the Greek world. At our university, being in a sorority is all you need for a successful social life in college. However, if you're like me, you did not think that way when given the chance. You did not even think twice about joining a sorority. Why?

I went into college with one thing on my mind, a biology degree. I knew that the time I spent going to meetings, events, and bars was valuable time that I would need to use to study. I know some will disagree with me. I know going Greek is something most people never regret. I think it's a great opportunity for finding friends and building relationships in a large university. However, I did not want that. I wanted a 4.0 and a biology degree that would land me on the medical field track after four years of school. I knew the time spent in the library instead of in bars was the time I was going to waste and allow me to fall behind in my studies.

A biology degree is difficult. Honestly, every degree is difficult to achieve. I just knew that I was chasing a dream in a field that is extremely competitive. It is super intimidating and means tons of all-nighters, missing football games, and a lot of time spent with a highlighter and a huge Biology book. So, I did not go Greek. In fact, it never even crossed my mind.

For that reason, I want to pat myself on the back because trust me, going Greek is the least important thing I've experienced in college. I have found friends. Seriously, the best of friends who are all as dedicated as me when it comes to studying. I have managed to keep my grades the exact way I wanted them. I have found a job with a doctor who I adore and spend quite some time with getting the pre-requisites for my dreams out of the way. I have found all I expected college to be, and I did not go Greek.

So for you girls who made the same decision I did, do not be intimidated by the oversized tank tops. Do not let not having an instant set of friends scare you, trust me you will find real friends just by going to class and spending days in the library. You will not be an outcast. You will be the girl who chose her dreams over a clique and you will later look back and thank yourself when you achieve what you worked so hard for. Do not be afraid to not do what everyone else is doing, that's just boring honestly. Instead, do what makes you happiest. For me, it is Biology. For you, it might be any other degree. Then for some, they find true happiness in the Greek world, and that's equally as great. You only get one go around in college, four very exciting, life-changing, overwhelming years. Do exactly what you want to do in your heart and do not second guess yourself for a minute.

So, when you see the girls in the tank tops on your first day of school (which you will, trust me). Stand confidently in your decision. Introduce yourself, some of my best friends are in sororities and they still love me even though I am not. Your life will not end because of what you choose. Your life will be just fine. Give yourself a pat on the back no matter if you went Greek or didn't. Welcome to college ladies, you'll soon find that things you once thought were so important, are not anymore. Embrace the ride, it sure is a fun one.

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