"The Princess Switch" Is The Perfect Winter Romance

Although finals season hits right before the peak of Christmas time, taking two hours to watch a Christmas movie can really be a great way to keep your motivation up. With a plethora of new Christmas movies on the market this season, there doesn't seem like enough time to fit them all in. Because of this, I decided that I would start with "The Princess Switch," just for fun. It turns out that I found the perfect movie on the first try.

In "The Princess Switch," Vanessa Hudgens stars as Stacy Denovo, a baker from Chicago, who gets invited to a baking competition in the country of Belgravia. Stacy is very organized and type-A, the opposite of the Duchess of Monetaro, Margaret Delacourt, who she happens to bump into while touring the set of the baking competition. The women realize that they just so happen to look exactly the same, and because of this, decide to switch lives for two days.

The Duchess asks Stacy to switch lives with her so that she can experience a "normal life" before she marries Prince Edward of Belgravia. Stacy agrees to Margaret's proposition and the two experience each other's lives while falling in love with men that neither one of them are supposed to love.

This movie has all of the necessary parts of a quality Christmas movie: gorgeous snow-covered mountains, horse-drawn carriages, a beautiful castle and people who experience love at first sight. This movie offers romance, Christmas spirit and a winter wonderland that satisfies your wish for snow. While this movie will certainly not win any awards for its message (or acting if I am being honest), it is the perfect movie to watch while you cuddle up in a blanket with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

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