Fairytale Wedding For Princess Eugenie
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Princess Eugenie Had A Fairytale Royal Wedding, It Was Practically Perfect

On Friday, October 12, the latest in a string of modern royal weddings occurred, and it was practically perfect.

Princess Eugenie Had A Fairytale Royal Wedding, It Was Practically Perfect

While the world waited in anticipation for William and Kate's wedding and Harry and Meghan's, we all didn't really notice Princess Eugenie's being planned. Yes, the engagement was announced, but unlike William and Harry, who have always been in the public eye for how "Diana-like" they seem, Eugenie and her older sister Beatrice have quite a different public appearance.

Beatrice and Eugenie are eighth and ninth in line for the throne currently (when Harry and Meghan's baby is born, the princesses will be bumped down a spot each.) So ordinarily, the world doesn't really pay attention to them, unless they do something funny.

For William and Kate's wedding, Beatrice and Eugenie made headlines for their hats. They were called frumpy and silly and essentially portrayed as the goofs of the royal family. For Harry and Meghan's wedding, they were compared to the ugly step-sisters in "Cinderella." Again, the media made them out to be the butt of their jokes, using them as the "worst dressed" of both occasions.

When it was announced that Eugenie was engaged to Jack Brooksbank, the media covered it quickly and then shoved the news aside. When networks didn't want to cover the wedding, people said it was because of drama between Prince Philip and Prince Andrew. People said it was because of the poor ratings of Harry and Meghan's wedding (which did worse than William and Kate's, but better than most people expected.)

What no one said, though, and what I think was true, was that the networks expected something to go wrong, or for the two sisters to wear something foolish again. No one pays attention to the charity work Eugenie does, because "oh isn't her fashion sense funny." It didn't really matter what she does to help others, as the media has portrayed her and her sister as the "out of touch princess" troupe. However, ITV did agree to run it, as did a couple other networks, airing it live and showing reruns throughout the day, just as they did with Harry and Meghan's.

I woke up to beautiful pictures of Eugenie's wedding on the 12th. Her dress was gorgeous, with a deep back in order to show off her scar from scoliosis surgery. She wanted her scar to be seen by everyone who saw her that day, to tell everyone that it is okay to show their scars - physical or otherwise.

Jack wore his glasses while she walked up the aisle so he could see her. He told her "you look amazing." He shook with nerves the entire ceremony, with Eugenie steadying his hand throughout.

It was a near perfect ceremony. It was a near perfect day. She looked so happy, and everything she wore and did that day was intentional.

I really think Eugenie showed her haters up on her wedding day. She deserved the perfect wedding, and no one can take that away.

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