corporate marketing during pride month

Pride month is a wonderful time for people to celebrate sexuality and gender and continue to fight for the equality LGBT+ people deserve.

All through the month of June, everything turns to rainbows, but that's exactly the problem with pride month.

Pride is a celebration for all LGBT+ people, but the way some companies market for it, you would think it's just a celebration for gay pride.

Other branches of the community are commonly underrepresented, and even during the month when they are allowed to shine the most, they are still hidden behind the G in LGBT.

Companies like H&M and Target typically release a Pride collection every year with a series of clothing and accessories that represent and give back to the LGBT+ community. These collections only seem to represent just a fraction of the community though.

In case anyone missed it, not everyone in the LGBT+ community is just gay.

So why are we still marketing Pride just for the gay community?

There are flags for every branch of the LGBT+ community, but no one seems to realize that there's something other than the rainbow one.

Companies don't make shirts with the bisexual flag's colors or bags with the trans flag on it. They make everything rainbow because it's what's safe, what they know and probably what they believe will sell more than anything.

Sure, Target sells pronoun buttons, but aside from that, looking through their Pride collection, it's pretty much impossible to find something not plastered in rainbows and the phrase "Love is Love."

Yes, Pride is great and being gay or lesbian is no issue, but what about showing support for trans people who can't use their desired bathrooms? What about the bi people whose sexuality is fetishized or are erased from the LGBT+ community for having heterosexual relationships? What about the things that are just loving the same gender? Why is there nothing to show support for that?

Pride isn't just about gay pride. It's about all LGBT pride. It's more than a rainbow flag and should be represented as more than that. There are so many people who need to be represented but don't get that light because their colors are washed out by that of a rainbow pride flag.

Instead of making everything rainbow pride, companies and people should fly the colors of other flags alongside that of the rainbow pride flag.

Pride month isn't just about gay pride.

It's pride for everyone in the LGBT+ community.

It's time to fly every color.

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