YouTube Account Posts Video Of A Woman Pranking Her Husband About A Miscarriage

As A Woman, I'm Disgusted Someone Would Prank Their Husband About A Miscarriage And THEN Put It On The Internet

As if this is anything to laugh about.


Back in late August "Team VZ", a YouTube account, posted a video of a pregnant woman faking a miscarriage as an attempt to "prank" her partner, the father of their soon to come child.

Yes, a miscarriage "prank."

As a young woman, I know many people who have struggled with trying to get pregnant and suffering from a miscarriage after miscarriage. The pain that these women feel is nothing funny to "prank" about.

Their accounts have about roughly 280,000 subscribers, yet it wasn't until screenshots of the (truthfully, disgusting) prank video, that it started gaining attention. Comments have been disabled from the video due to the mass amount of attention and concerns the video has received.

It's a video that went way too far. Miscarriage is heartbreaking. If I had the chance to speak to the soon-to-be mother of the "prankster," I'd want her to know this:

Remember how excited you were to find out you were pregnant. To be able to announce to all of your friends and family that you were expecting a child. That you had created life. Keep that excitement in your head. Your pregnancy goes along and you start to think of what the gender may be or what you might name him/her once they're born.

Then, you wake up one morning to find yourself covered in blood. You lost the baby.

You lost the child you created with your partner. You lost the human being you helped create. The baby names you picked, are now stored away in the back of your mind, with the hope that, someday, you'll be able to pull them from the back of your head for the next time you get pregnant.

Picture yourself actually having a miscarriage. Do you still think it's something to "prank" someone about?

To the soon-to-be father, that the soon-to-be-mother decided to "prank,"

I'm shocked you let the video go live. I can only imagine the pain in your heart you must have felt when she told you she lost your child. The excitement of creating life goes both ways. You were never meant to go through that kind of pain. Nor should your counterpart have put you through it.

And to go to the extent of setting up the scene, placing fake blood in the toilet and around yourself. I'm disgusted that a woman would ever agree to something like this. That this is the lengths you would go to, just to "get a laugh" and to "get more views."

Well, now you have your views, plus thousands upon millions of people, who are disgusted by your idea of a prank. Hopefully, nobody remembers this by the time your soon-to-be child goes to school. Hopefully, nobody mentions to him/her that their parents put up a "prank" video, that they lost him/her in a miscarriage.

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