Advice To Pre-Business Majors

Going into my senior year of college, there are a couple different things I have learned being a business major. Between the things I have learned and asking a couple different business major and advisers, these are the thing I wish I knew coming into college as a freshman.

1. Start networking early with professors and advisers

It might seem early if you are a freshman, but having good relationships with your professors have been essential for many reasons. Many business professors teach multiple courses in that specific major. It's good to know your professor for if you take them again. Many professors are very willing to help students, whether that be to get them off the waitlist in their class or to help them get an internship or job. A lot of business professors are adjuncts which means being a professor isn't their full-time job. A lot of times they had or have a job that pertains to the class they are teaching. This is very helpful for when you are looking for an internship or job since they might have a lot of connections.

2. Adding a double major or minor

Something I didn't realize until later on in college was the fact that you can double major or minor a subject without adding time in college. There are many different majors in the business majors that can be combined. Many combinations that are common for business is finance and economics, management and marketing, and accounting is commonly combined with finance or economics but sometimes you see a management or marketing with accounting. Since all business majors have the same prerequisites, it makes it easy for someone to double major or even minor another subject.

3. Finding easier classes to take

This a huge thing my advisers recommend. If a class wasn't your major and I just need it to fill my electives; try to find the easiest class to take. One advice I got was to take a computer science instead of a class that you'd normally associate with science. Even if you don't find writing classes interesting there are other classes like a women's and genders that meet a writing emphasis. Ask your advisers and other students what classes they took that they think wasn't hard.

4. Being involved in your college

Jobs want to see that you went to school and got something out of it. This includes being involved in extracurriculars. It shows that you are a well-rounded person if you can be in college and be involved in a sport, club or organization.

5. Work on your resume early

This was a simple thing and I didn't realize would be so important. Working on a resume from scratch can take a bit of time. It's important to start working on it and getting it proofread at the beginning of college. While you move on through college or get other jobs, it's important to keep your resume updated. Looking into different things that might increase your resume is key also. Working on qualifications and certifications looks really good on a resume for future internships or jobs.

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