My Prayer For The Harder Times

Lately, I have had a lot on my mind, and much of it has been heavily weighing on my heart.

I’ve grappled with identity, self-assurance, trust, faith, balance, understanding, and much more. I want this to be my prayer today because my heart needs this weight lifted:

Lord, today I pray for forgiveness, not only that I am forgiven by others, but that I’m forgiven by you and myself.

I pray that you give me the strength to forgive.

I pray for compassion and empathy for those that would just be easier to avoid.

I pray for the people in my life to see and experience you. I pray that I am able to see and experience you without a narcissistic approach to life that may hinder me from being able to do so.

I pray for love and honesty in myself.

I pray for a continued age of reception among my peers and family.

I pray for selflessness and I pray that the feelings that I, and my loves ones, have of loss start to go away. I pray for healing in my heart and the hearts of the ones I love.

Thank you for the opportunity to feel and feel deeply. Not all feelings are positive but thank you for the ability to feel both the good and the bad and being able to live through both.

Thank you for what has been given and taken away.

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