9 Anthems For The Women's Empowerment Playlist

Women all around the world can be underappreciated for their talents, skills, and for their accomplishments in life. Politically and socially, it is common to see women being degraded and swept under the rug in certain circumstances. It's time we give ourselves a reminder that we are strong, wise, and important NO MATTER what the media says. This playlist will do just that.

1. "Run The World" - Beyonce

"Who run the world? Girls!" Okay, this is a classic. Yonce knows her stuff and her audience. For years, she has supplied us with tons of music that are pleasing to our minds and our hearts. This one was no different.

2. "Miss Independent" - Kelly Clarkson

This American Idol winner rocked the charts with this song. Now more than ever, we need to realize women have so much potential on our own. This song is directed more toward men than anything, but it never hurts to realize your true worth.

3. "Secrets" - Mary Lambert

Women tend to hide the flaws behind what the world wants us to be. My girl Mary lets us know its OKAY to be imperfect. Love yourself for who you are, that's all that matters.

4. "Scars To Your Beautiful" - Alessia Cara

This song has been at the top of pop hit lists for weeks. Why? It's catchy, classy, AND RELEVANT AF. She takes these super model figures all girls look after, and tells us that we are beautiful the way we are. "You don't have to change a thing, the world can change its heart." *instant chills*

5. "Flawless" - Beyonce (EXPLICIT)

Back at it again... the title speaks for itself. Woke up, FLAWLESS.

6. "Hard Out Here" - Lilly Allen (EXPLICIT)

Even if you prefer to listen to music without the curse words, the meaning of this song is on point. Lily talks about the objectification of women and some of the unrealistic standards we can be held to. "Inequality promises that it's here to stay. Always trust the injustice 'cause it's not going away" WOAH, Go Lily.

7. "Hey Girl" - Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch

Women need to stick together. Life as a female can be hard and sometimes it helps to confide in someone who gets you. In this current time, women are finding themselves divided on a political stance. Lady Gaga makes a beautiful point of coming together and uniting as women to have eachothers' back when we need it. Plus, Lady Gaga is an icon of the women's rights movement right now, so keep an eye out for more lyrical fire soon to come.

8. "The Greatest" - Sia

While this was written as a tribute to those involved in the Florida Bar shooting, this song is so powerful on every level. We are all free to be the greatest, this song is a reminder of that.

9. "Put Your Records On" - Corrine Bailey Rae

This song has such a pretty tune and is sure to cheer you up on a rough day. Corrine Bailey Rae gives us the vibe to relax and understand life won't always go our way. "Maybe sometimes we got it wrong, but it's all right."

These songs are full of powerful inspiration no matter your age, religion, or political view. Music has a wonderful way of bringing people together and making us feel emotions like nothing else. In any case, use this playlist to remind you what it really means to be a woman.

You are important, you are loved, you are beautiful and you are not alone.

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