Why 'Thinking Time' Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Day

I was recently reading Lauryn Evarts's article about "The Importance of Thinking Time" and it inspired me to evaluate the "power of thinking" in my own life. It might sound like a waste of time at first, but sitting down and carving out time in your schedule to assess where you're at with your goals and life decisions can prove to be extremely helpful in fostering progress and keeping you on track. Lauryn cited some of the most brilliant minds in business who have adopted this strategy to attest to its success in solving real world problems, and to show how it pushes motivated people to ACTUALLY get stuff done. If people like Warren Buffett, can take 10 minutes a day to just think, then you can too!

1. Thinking time helps you keep track of your to-do list.

By taking a few moments out of your day that are dedicated solely to your thoughts, you will be able to improve your focus. Hone in on your responsibilities with a clear mind and strategize your to-do list.

2. Be an active thinker by taking time to write out your thoughts.

When you engage in "thinking time," don't just sit around lamely and let your mind wander. Treat this time like a journaling exercise and write out anything and everything that comes to mind, stream-of-consciousness style!

3. A small slice of productive free time will inspire innovation.

By taking ten to fifteen minutes a day to just do nothing, you will become a more creative problem solver. By giving yourself this clarity of mind, you will be able to assess your goals and decisions more effectively.

4. Keeping a journal for thinking time will give you a starting point to achieve your goals.

If you find yourself lost with no direction to move forward with your goals, write down where you want to go and what's setting you back. Doing this seems like a meaningless and obvious step in your plan, but actually taking the time to complete this will help propel you in the direction of progress.

5. Getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper will relieve stress and clear your mind.

Sometimes responsibilities build up in your head and you begin to feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks you need to accomplish. Thinking time is the perfect escape that will actually kickstart your productivity to help you get things done to relieve your stress.

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