Why is Change Essential to Life?
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Why is Change Essential to Life?

Nothing stays the same forever, and it's healthy to embrace that.

Why is Change Essential to Life?

Life is a wild beast. It grows and changes with time and never seems to do so in a predictable manner. When we start our lives, this tends to excite us. There's always something new to learn or someone new to meet. Everything is an experience and we can't wait to grow up, but then when we start to actually get there, we find ourselves constantly wishing we could go back.

If life didn't change, there would be no point to it. So why is it that we're always so scared of it?

Neither happiness nor sadness can last.

We find our lives to be cut into different chunks. It's just a routine cycle, good days and bad days, depending on who you interacted with and what impact the events within that time frame left you with. No mood is permanent, whether positive or negative. As with everything else, moods change.

When life hits us with the darkest times unexpectedly, it's easy to fall into a seemingly endless depression. Likewise, when we finally get some serious positive reinforcement, we tend to fly high above cloud nine with a naive certainty that nothing could ever go wrong again. Both of these assumptions are false, and it is the balance between the two mindsets that makes life worth living.

A time of pain is a time of growth.

At a younger age, we as people love the idea of growing older and fulfilling the crazy dreams most of us would never even achieve. Aging seemed like a blessing rather than a curse, something to look forward to because it meant being a strong grown up and making our own choices.

Something you end up realizing with time is that life is actually much more of a struggle then we were led to believe at the time, so when the time to grow up arrives, we hide away from the very thought.

Aging itself may not be fun. That is likely unanimous at a certain point after you reach your peak, as the older you get afterward, the more your body breaks down. However, growing up itself is just as much a mental development as it is a physical one, and we have a lot to benefit from taking advantage of that.

Even the most negative of experiences can be used in our favor by taking some kind of lesson from them. Learning a lesson from either your own mistakes or just from the cards life deals you can do a lot in changing you for the better, allowing you to prevent similar downfalls in the future and giving more opportunities for happy memories instead. Without the ability to change, all of us would be inherently flawed beings with no sense of morality and as a result, would never find redemption.

Change is scary but it's not something to run from.

It isn't anything easy to come to terms with, but when you think about it, that's one thing we got right when we were young. We may have overestimated just how amazing adulthood would be, but the general excitement about the ability life gives us to change every day should have stuck around.

If the negative experiences start becoming who we are, then the change we undergo will not be one healthy to our mindsets, but that's what friends for. The smallest bit of effort makes a difference and if you even attempt to reach out, you will show others that you're willing to change for the better instead.

If life didn't change, there would be nothing to be excited about. If we didn't change, we would never grow as individuals. The choice in how we perceive the changes is up to us, and the choice will determine where you go from here. Will you fall victim to the fear? Or will you take advantage of this change and use it to make something of yourself?

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