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Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming More Powerful Each Day, And It's Time We Acknowledge It

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence that is demonstrated by machines that resemble human thoughts.

Artificial intelligence isn't only confined to the sci-fi stigmas of robots, but it is also a component of the average person's lifestyle. The use of artificial intelligence has been integrated into our personal technology through the business world and the government. It is being used in many intuitive ways, but there are also concerns about how this technology could become too powerful.

The use of artificial intelligence has been integrated into everyday life and you probably didn't realize it. One of the most well-known artificial intelligence bots that was integrated into the world of Apple is Siri. Siri has been used as an assistant in all types of ways, ranging from checking the weather, telling the scores to sports games, and even calling anyone on your contact list. Siri is able to complete these tasks through vocal recognition, as well as processing the human language and coming up with a response that is best for the phrase that the user utters. This technology has become part of our lives and it's difficult to imagine a reality without it.

The emergence of artificial intelligence has allowed many to become absent-minded about the stark reality of this technology. A.I. is constantly being improved because it is linked to the internet and social media. Every time someone posts a status update or likes a picture, they have extended the reach of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk has done a lot of work with artificial intelligence, and even though his business has been able to thrive because of it, he has warned others of the negative effects. Elon Musk said the following about artificial intelligence, in a podcast with Joe Rogan, "We are the biological boot-loader for A.I., we are actively building it, and we are building progressively greater intelligence and the percentage of intelligence that is not human is increasing. Eventually, we will represent a small part of intelligence"

What he is trying to say is that if humans give artificial intelligence too much of the world's information and knowledge, at some point we will have less information than artificial intelligence. In this instance, there could be a switch from biology to technology becoming the catalyst for new ideas. The rise of artificial intelligence is here and our addiction to social media is going to keep building the vast bank of information.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, little has been done by the government to make regulations and businesses have been using these technologies for years without the government's full understanding. Google, who uses image recognition to search through thousands of pictures a day, has been sought out by the Department of Defense to sign a 10 billion dollar contract. Google was going to sign this deal to help in the military technologies but decided to back out due to the concern of using this machine-learning technology for warfare. The government could benefit greatly from using technology in warfare and even in police units. Government agencies using all of this wild technology, however, does come with a price to the people: the cost of their privacy.

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Artificial intelligence is a tough thing to regulate due to the use of it in everyday products. I'm not entirely sure what we should expect in the future when it comes to the regulation of this technology since the majority of it is privately owned by powerful tech companies. We will have to wait and see how intelligent artificial intelligence can really become.

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