35 Fall Out Boy Lyrics That Never Get Old

35 Fall Out Boy Lyrics That Never Get Old, Even As Their Fans Do

Every one of these songs will make you want to "put on your war paint."


Fall Out Boy kicked off their North American Mania Tour last week, and it was amazing to see just how many fans came together to watch them play — even after all these years.

The band has been making music since 2001, only breaking for a short hiatus between 2009 and 2012. Their sound has changed and evolved over time, but their fans still adore their songs, old and new.

At this point, it's pretty safe to say that Fall Out Boy isn't getting old any time soon. In fact, their popularity has only grown over the years. And even though their original fanbase is well into their twenties by now, the majority of us still rock out to their music.

And if we're being really honest, the majority of us still get all the feels when we hear these 35 lyrics.

"Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman. And maybe he won't find out what I know: You were the last good thing about this part of town." ― Grand Theft Autumn

If you hear these lyrics and don't scream them at the top of your lungs, you can't really call yourself a Fall Out Boy fan.

"Am I more than you bargained for yet? I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear 'cause that's just who I am this week." ― Sugar We're Going Down

This should elicit the same level of emotions as number one.

"I don't care what you think, as long as it's about me. The best of us can find happiness in misery." ―  I Don't Care

Two sentences, two smart lessons.

"You are what you love, not who loves you." ― Save Rock and Roll

Chase passions, not people.

"Say a prayer, but let the good times roll... in case God doesn't show." ― Thnks fr th Mmrs

The boys were definitely onto something here.

"Sometimes, I want to quit this song and become an accountant now. But I'm no good at math, and besides, the dollar is down." ― The (Shipped) Gold Standard

If you've ever sought a career in liberal arts, you can relate.

"I'm just young enough to still believe, but young enough not to know what to believe in." ― Champion

If this doesn't describe life as a young adult, I don't know what does.

"I set my clocks early 'cause I know I'm always late." ― A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'

Sounds about right.

"I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color." ― Wilson

You know you can relate, even if your emo days are far behind you.

"Boycott love. Detox just to retox. And I'd promise you anything for another shot at life." ― Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

We've all felt like boycotting love at some point, haven't we?

"I love the mayhem more than the love." ― (Coffee's For Closers)

These kinds of relationships are the worst, but at least music soothes the pain.

"This is side one. Flip me over. I know I'm not your favorite record." ― Dead On Arrival

This one was definitely on your Xanga or Myspace after your first breakup.

"You can thank your lucky stars that everything I wish for will never come true." ― Sending Postcards From a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)

Fall Out Boy's early lyrics were perfect for those angry heartaches.

"I'm good to go, and I'm going nowhere fast. It could be worse; I could be taking you there with me." ― Saturday

"Take This To Your Grave" was actually a pretty savage album, but that's why we love it so much.

"You and me are the difference between real love and the love on TV." ― Where Did The Party Go

Believe it or not, Fall Out Boy does have a lyric or two that paints love in a good light.

"I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive. Now I only waste it dreaming of you." ― Of All The Gin Joints ln The World

This song always made you want to "turn off the lights, and turn of the shyness."

"My head's in heaven. My soles are in hell. Let's meet in the purgatory of my hips and get well." ― w.a.m.s.

They also have some lyrics that fall on the sexy side, and we live for those.

"If you are the shore, I am the waves begging for big moons." ― Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Seriously, though, what's sexier than a well-placed metaphor?

"My pen is the barrel of the gun. Remind me which side you should be on." ― The Pros and Cons of Breathing

Never mess with a writer. You might end up in a song.

"I can write it better than you ever felt it." ― Hum Hallelujah

Remember how I said to never mess with a writer?

"I've got a lot of friends who are stars, but some are just black holes." ― 27

Growing up, we all lost plenty of people we thought we'd be friends with forever. We also listened to a lot of Fall Out Boy to cope.

"May the bridges I have burned light the way back home." ― Fourth of July

Sometimes, we need to leave things in the past to move forward with our lives.

"Seasons change, but people don't." — The Take Over, The Break's Over

Thankfully, Fall Out Boy stays as consistent as the seasons.

"I'm in love with my own sins." ― America's Suitehearts

Morally sound lyrics are overrated, and you know it.

"I left my conscience pressed between the pages of the Bible in the drawer. 'What did it ever do for me?' I say." ― XO

If you're agnostic or an athiest, you probably appreciated quite a few of Fall Out Boy's lines.

"The best part of believe is the lie. I hope you sing along and you steal a line." ― Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year

We've definitely stolen this line — and on more than one occasion.

"Tonight, the headphones will deliver you the words that I can't say." ― Homesick At Space Camp

Oh, the power of music.

"I don't know where I'm going, but I don't think I'm coming home. And I said, 'I'll check in tomorrow if I don't wake up dead.'" ― Alone Together

Doesn't this song just make you want to get in your car and drive endlessly?

"I slept in last night's clothes, in tomorrow's dreams, but they're not quite what they seem." ― Uma Thurman

These lyrics definitely make you "want to dance like Uma Thurman."

"When Rome's in ruins, we are the lions free of the coliseum. In poison places, we are anti-venom. We are the beginning of the end." ― Young Volcanoes

What they said.

"You look so Seattle, but you feel so LA." ―  Irresistible

Hip and relaxed, what's better than that?

"Mummified my teenage dreams. No, it's nothing wrong with me. The kids are all wrong. The story's all off. Heavy metal broke my heart." ― Centuries

If you get the opportunity to see Fall Out Boy live, you'll definitely feel like you've mummified your teenage dreams.

"Sometimes, before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger." ― Miss Missing You

Fall Out Boy let out some serious wisdom from time to time.

"I'm gonna change you like a remix, then I'll raise you like phoenix." ― The Phoenix

This one always makes you want to "put on your war paint" and go save the world.

"And I've lived so much life, I think that God is gonna have to kill me twice." ― Young and Menace

We'd all like to be able to say this one day.

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    • "Driving with my eyes close, missing all the signs"
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    7. A$AP Rocky 

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    • "What the face say to the fist?"
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    • "Paranoia got me losing all my z's"
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    • "She ain't a stranger to the city life"
    • "Can't forget that I'm golden, can't forget where I'm going"
    • "Riding by the rules, I'll abide by it soon"
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    8. Kanye West

    Kanye West

    • "Yeah u so mother thick"
    • "Ball so hard, let's get faded"
    • "That sh*t cray"
    • "I'm tripping off the power"
    • "All of my kindness, is taken for weakness"
    • "I'm lookin' for the one have you seen her?"
    • "Don't let me get in my zone"
    • "Let's get lost tonight"
    • "Sun don't shine in the shade, bird can't fly in a cage"
    • "Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud"
    • "No you're not perfect but you're not your mistakes"

    9. A$AP Ferg

    A$AP Ferg


    • "Gucci down to the socks"
    • "My jewelry glistening why I'm always chilly"
    • "I'm a one night savage"
    • "Put in work, put 'em in the dirt"
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    10. Lil Wayne 

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    • "I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to y'all"
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    • "I got some weight on my shoulders, to me it's like feathers"
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    • "Money talks, bullsh*t walks"
    • "Every night's a long night, every day's a holiday"
    • "I'm a cool cat, but I'm on life nine"
    • "Haters can't see me, nose bleed seats"

    No matter what the occasion, it's always good to have creative Instagram captions on hand. Nobody knows how to make clever captions than rappers themselves. Whether you need creative caption for throwing shade at someone, or you have used only emojis for your past 5 Instagram pictures, rap lyrics make the perfect caption.

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