From the debut of the bikini in the 1930s by French model Micheline Bernardini, society was shocked but fascinated with the notion of swimwear. It's like stylish lingerie that was acceptable to wear in public. The then-oppressed women of the era were ecstatic to have a bold new platform for stylistic expression. Despite the comments in the still-conservative and patriarchal 30s of the bikini revealing, "everything except her mother's maiden name," the bikini certainly never died and has evolved with the extremely flirtatious, fashionable and glamorous industry of swimwear.

We have seen the one-piece seemingly die and be reborn into prominence at least a dozen times, while the newly hot high-waisted bikini innovatively combined elements of fashion both new and old. Safe to say, at least when it comes to the fashion industry, what you wear to the pool is truly no joke. With spring break and summer around the corner, I've already assembled a lookbook of my favorite expected swimwear trends for the season, combining looks both timeless and modern to culminate in the perfect vibe for the last summer of the decade.

Here's a look into some of my favorite trends, inspired by Pool Party Trends.

1. Cutouts

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While they were on the rise last season, I can already tell that cutouts are going to be everything this summer, both in bikinis and one-pieces. One of the looks I'm most excited about is the one-piece with large circular cutouts along each side, forming what looks nearly like a bikini with the tops and bottoms connected by a strip of fabric. I love that this look plays with the two classic swimwear styles, combining them into a fun and modern suit.

2. High Cut

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This is an extremely flattering look on almost any girl, and I'm so excited it's rising into prominence. The high cut look accentuates the legs and adds the illusion of length to even the shortest girls. With the bottom line of the suit cut just below the hipbone, rather than the upper thigh, more of the hip and leg are exposed, making an elegant look that I absolutely love on everyone so far this season.

3. Mesh & Lace

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These fun fabrics add texture to the look and bring a modern and exciting vibe to an otherwise classic suit. Lace is so fun to play around with, especially since it is a newer trend in swimwear and is not traditionally expected to be sported in the water. Mesh adds a classy but scandalous feel to a suit and has been implemented in so many cool ways for this upcoming season.

4. Lace-up

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It can literally be added to any part of the suit, and make it a whole new creation. Along each side of a solid one-piece, down the center of a bikini top, or one of my personal favorites this season, extending from the chest all the way to the stomach in a flirty and modern one-piece look. Lace-up reveals a little extra skin while also enhancing the design of the suit as a whole and transforming the look from sweet and classic to a little more modern and edgy.

5. Graphic one-pieces

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Women of our era have a lot to say, so why not wear it across our chests? I love graphic everything lately, but graphic swimwear breaks classic boundaries and adds a stylish form of self-expression to the simplest of looks. Whether it says "bride," "beach babe," or "girls just wanna have sun," I love the way these suits come with an aura of confidence and a powerful feminist attitude.

6. Shawls

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Why bother with a cover-up when you can just slip on a matching silk shawl? Stylish, simplistic, and comfortable, this look is the basis of swimwear style. It is almost like an exclamation mark to the suit beneath, both complementing it and showing it off simultaneously. I can tell these breezy cover-up replacements will be a must-have this summer.

This is just a brief overview of what to expect on the beach this summer. The most fun part about laying out all of these trends is getting to mix and match them: a cut-out, lacy one-piece; a high-cut, lace-up bikini bottom... the possible combos are endless. Obviously, at the risk of the look getting too busy or being overrun with trends, it's best to stick with no more than two in order to keep the look classy and clean. It may be only March, but there's no better time to start shopping than now. As I said before, what you wear to the pool is truly no joke. (;