America is divided on politics, what are we doing to do?

Politics Today: This is something that we do not discuss around the table. The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the worst elections in history. Every debate and rally that was held showed that people were becoming more and more divided. Fast-forward to the 2018 midterms, it is important to see that the nation put in control a Democratic house and a Republican senate. This means that each side is going to have to compromise on ideals to see the common good for the American people. The main division though comes from the person in the White House itself.

The President talks about fake news when in real life, the news presents the facts to the American people. Now each news station might have a bias. Fox News is more Republican and CNN is more on the progressive or Democratic side. One major example we have seen is that Fox News will not talk about climate change and CNN will. To me, this shows that each side is starting to gear up for 2020. Now, if you think that 2016 was bad, wait until 2020. It is going to be interesting to see who runs on the Democratic side and how they match up with the President.

The solution to all of this: It is going to be important that as a nation we come together and have serious discussions about what is happening. Climate Change is real, and there is no denying it. So Republicans need to understand that and try to come to the table and see if there are ways in which, as a nation, we can do better. Healthcare is another large issue. Creating affordable healthcare for all Americans is important and standing up to Pharmaceutical companies is something that needs to be done. Race relations and voter suppression. It is happening today in society, and there needs to be a national conversation about it.

There are just some of the major problems that we are facing today. So instead of the back and forth, if we had a government that actually worked for the American people and could pass the budget that worked everything would be better. Instead of tis hate rhetoric and the constant back and forth we would be better off. Now that does not mean each side does not need to back down totally but if the nasty ads and other things each side uses to scare people would stop then it would become a lot better.

So to every person in this country remember this: We do live in a great country. We are able to have freedom of speech and with that we should use it to have conversations with people who different ideals than us. That means finding a solution to most or all of our problems. It is important that each side starts to get along and that people are not doing things that affect everyone just to make a stance. That makes people more angry instead of healing the divide that we have today.

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