In the last few weeks all you seem to hear about is Pokémon Go! To be honest you were probably playing it today, or at least saw or know someone who was. Pokémon Go has really taken over the world. we see people of all ages wondering the streets on the "hunt" for digital creatures. This App is supposed to be a social and or a health/fitness app, its far from both. its not a social app because when playing your head is glued to your phone, like you do all day anyway. Its not really a health app, because people are actually dying playing this, but we will get to that later!

The people that I see playing this pay not attention to anything or ANYONE! Two things I saw that really made me against this app, is I was pulling into a burger king to get a nice gourmet burger, but as I was pulling in a women staring at her phone walks right in front of my car, I thought maybe it was and honest mistake then she turned to my car and I thought she was taking a picture of it, now I'm worried, then after a few seconds she jumps up and down yelling to her friend that was safety on the sidewalk on the Burger King and said, " I caught a Abra!!" and just ran back to her car. I could not believe what I just saw, at the time all I could do is laugh, but looking back i was pretty angry. Oh by the way the lady looked like she was in her 30's. So that adds to the insanity. The 2nd thing I saw was on my drive home from work, THE SAME DAY! I saw 6 cars pulled over and over on the side of the highway