Best Pokemon Glass Pipes [2019 Edit] Reviews & Discoveries

Best Pokemon Glass Pipes

Gotta Catch All the Rare Pipes


Pokemon has been consistently releasing new creatures, games, and TV shows for decades. A favorite among children, teens, and adults. Now, we've gathered the top pokemon pipes for you to enjoy. Hopefully you like them!

Mini Charmander - Charmander


Jiggly Puff






B Hold Glass, the creator of this Koffing Water Pipe has really done a great job with the color and size configuration. The character is literally sitting inside of a glass pipe. How cool?


Behold, the Charizard Smoking Pipe. The fiery of all fiery creatures now stands at your command. Lift him up, and maybe his tail will ignite?


This is among the highest quality pokemon water pipe we've seen thus far. Shout out Loki Reeves for creating a master piece. Not many glass pieces are made like this one. Reach out to this artist before it's sold forever!


A wild bulbasaur appears with an interesting smoking device on it's back? I wonder if the smoke turns green like this leafy pokemon?

Rarity Factor

There are a large number of one of a kind Pokemon pipes which are created by glass blowers most often found in states where smoking is most prominent. There are cultures of people who get together and create glass during the night time. Often you can find experts at trade shows and watch them work their magic over the bright flame shooting out of the torch. The glassware found at Champs Trade show is often worth several thousands of dollars per piece, like the pokemon pipes here

Often each artisan will work for the entire day mastering a single functional smoking pipe. Often you'll see several rows of glass blowers lined up on long tables in a square formation in a large opening inside of the Las Vegas convention center. If you'd like a customized glass piece, this is the place to find someone who is qualified to create a master piece. Simply grab their business card and call them after the event show is over. Glass blowers often will need an image sent over to them to properly convey your vision over to them.

Depending on each person's unique opinion, there may be more than one 'best' pokemon pipe. Perhaps reading this blog will help you find the best one?



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Sorry Adults, I'm Going To Embrace My Generation's Uniqueness And There Is Nothing You Can Do To Stop Me

I'm going to embrace the selfies, social media, and the six Kardashian siblings.


Being almost 20 years old, I have lived through two decades. I witnessed the VERY end of the '90s, the entire early 2000's period, and now I have seen the 2010's almost all the way through. I was the kid who grew up watching Rugrats, watched Hannah Montana after school, to now watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians every Sunday night. I wore overalls as a baby which changed to Juicy Couture sweatsuits, which is now high waisted everything with a crop top. We take selfies every chance we get. We photograph every meal. Share our entire lives on Instagram and then watch other people's lives on Youtube.

And to the older generations, they don't get it.

Millennials and Gen Z get shamed for our "liberal and unique" personalities and lifestyles. For the generations before us, they don't understand why all of us are constantly watching Vine, screaming Ariana Grande lyrics, and ranting on Twitter 24/7. These are some of the things that define our generation. However, our generation is much more than pop culture and technology.

Our generation is more accepting of sexual fluidity, is racially diverse, and is very independent. We are environmentally aware and are striving to protect our planet. We are striving to make this world a better place. We want to be more accepting, more educated, and more open-minded.

Go back 50 years and life would be completely different. Races were separated. Sexual and gender fluidity was taboo or not even acknowledged. No one cared about recycling, composting, or self-sustainability. So, sure, my generation can't put down our iPhones, but my generation is probably one of the most influential generations and I'll take that.

I'm not trying to disregard previous generations. They went through some of the craziest periods in history. They dealt with wars, cultural economic depression, racism, slavery, and strict gender rules. Men worked and women were domesticated. People didn't spend money because of the lack thereof growing up. There wasn't much technology, really at all. It was a simpler time.

But do not forget, during the '60s, they loved afros and Elvis. The '70s loved bell bottoms and tons of tie-dye. The '80s was full of neon and big hair. These trends were of the times. They were exactly that... trends. I'm sure the Baby Boomers didn't understand Gen Y, just like how Gen Y doesn't understand Millennials. And, I'm sure Millennials are getting fed up with Gen Z. It's what happens. Time changes and commodities from your era just to fade into new commodities.

So, please stop shaming my generation for being obsessed with social media or loving Kylie Jenner a little too much. Let us take all the selfies we want. Let us express ourselves through art and sports. Encourage us to be whatever we want to be. It's our time now so let us enjoy it before time passes. We shouldn't have to be sorry for living through the times, like generations before we did.


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