We often forget the important things, like why we matter.

We get so absorbed in all of the negative that surrounds us that we forget what is important.

Like ourselves.

Yes, as shocking as it may seem, you DO matter.

You matter to not only your family and friends, but yourself as well.

You see, we are all unique in our own special way.

From our freckles, to our voice, to our jokes - we matter because of our uniqueness to this world.

Now I know you might be sitting there thinking, “yeah we are all unique, so what?"

But what you don't understand is that without your special qualities...what make up YOU, we would be losing a little bright light in our world.

You are not just a child to someone, a parent to someone, a friend to someone, you are you.

You are who you are and you matter. We have all made our own mistakes in life and we have all lost our way - but what matters most is that you find yourself again and return to your true self - the self that matters.

We all matter, and sometimes we forget that, but what matters is remembering why you are important - because truly, you are.

From time to time, we get lost in the grey clouds...

Pondering the ideas of what life would be like if we were not around.

Would our family remember us? Would our friends care?

Of course they would. They will always care.

Understand this, despite all those negative thoughts that spin in your brain, you matter.

We all matter because we are all our own kind of special.

Do not fret if you are liked or disliked, because it does not matter.

What matters most is that you love yourself,

And that you understand how special you are.

I decided to write this for all the younger boys and girls and non-binary folks out there who sometimes forget what makes them so special. This short little poem is to remind all of you who need it that you ARE special and you ARE wanted here. You matter because you are you, as cliche as that is - it's the truth!