Poetry on Odyssey: The Dangers Of Being A Woman
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Poetry on Odyssey: The Dangers Of Being A Woman

It has never been easy being a woman, and men often take advantage of that...

Poetry on Odyssey: The Dangers Of Being A Woman

She's alone and she has nowhere to go,

Her family does not understand her, she wants to be on her own,

She walks the streets in the dark,

But makes sure she stays by the lighted park,

Tonight was different, too many cops were there,

She knew they would try to take her home, going there she didn't dare,

So she took the alley, one she hadn't gone down before,

Walked past some burnouts asking if they could score,

She put her hood on, looked down in attempt to hide her face,

But the men behind her saw and were catching up to her pace,

They catcalled, spoke in Spanish, she had no idea what they were saying,

But she had a feeling it was something bad, just by the sounds they were making,

They poked at her sides, used their hands to twirl her hair,

It wasn't because of her clothes, "slutty" is something she would never wear,

So why did they jump her, hold her against the wall,

Why didn't anybody come to save her when she tried desperately to call,

Her screams were muffled, but screams nonetheless,

Yet she couldn't get their prying hands off of her, they still got her undressed,

She prayed that someone would save her, tears ran down her cheeks,

It was then that she swore to never leave her family again, you can't find "home" in the streets,

They kicked her when they were done,

She had been beaten so hard that her body was numb,

She lied there alone, barely breathing in a pool of her own blood,

They left her there to die, beneath the trees, covered in mud,

But before the taste of copper filled her mouth and she closed her eyes to rest for the final time,

She asked herself why her, why them, and wondered if they would get away with this crime...

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