Poetry On Odyssey: Seventeen

Poetry On Odyssey: Seventeen

Why being a teenager is fantastic and frustrating.


You would think I would know by now. But it's not true.

It's a prime time to be alive. And I'm really glad to be in it.

But I lost a lot of things along the way through this growth process.

Friends, class notes, and a lot of scrunchies. It's not easy and I'm sure it never will be. Can I manage?

Hell yeah I can. I can soar through and look down upon the ground and think how much farther I can go.

I never want to get down on the ground. I don't want to be ignored. I don't want to be invisible.

I don't want to be the person who is just a secondary thought. I used to think getting by and blending in was the way to prevent myself from getting my feelings hurt.

My feelings are always hurt but I never know why. Emotions just pour out of me like a carton of milk that has spilled to the ground.

And sometimes I do feel alone. I do feel left out. But will I be stuck in this rut forever?

I will be unless I do something about it.

I don't challenge others as often as I should but I sure like giving myself a hard time. It's normal.

What I learned so far is to not take this time for granted as I will never get it back. I want to make the things I do matter. And now, I know they do.

I want to be validated and recognized for my hard work, even though it may not be ideal but you can never say I didn't try. You just did not want to listen.

I know I am worthy of something great but I'm still searching. And I will never give up. I can assure you that.

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The Only Surprising Thing About The Recent College Cheating Scandal Is That People Actually Care Now

I seriously wonder why everyone is making such a fuss when it has probably been going on for years.


Why does it seem that every year has a crazy college admissions story? Last year was when the federal lawsuit against Harvard was launched due to alleged discrimination of Asian-American students, and the year before that had 10 students' admissions to the same institution revoked due to extremely offensive memes. Well, this year has the public in outrage that wealthy families are bribing college admissions coaches, standardized test proctors, and ringers for their children to secure seats in prestigious universities. The good news is that justice is finally being served, but the bad news is that it is only being served now.

Coming from a competitive high school myself, where senior students are hellbent on securing admission to Ivy League and comparable institutions, it really should not be surprising that people are cheating their way to get into top private institutions. Most people in my school would do nearly anything to have an Ivy League name on their resume, and if they're so hellbent when 40% of them qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, imagine what people of a higher socioeconomic standing would think.

This issue really only pertains with private institutions, as they are not supported by the state they are in and depend on tuition and endowments to remain in operation. And considering that most of the top 20 schools in the United States are private, it would make sense that private schools are the most susceptible to this scam.

In my opinion, the problem with college admissions in private schools is that legacy and wealth tend to get students in; merit alone does not guarantee successful outcomes. Although many private schools do offer need-blind based admission, I doubt that is truly what happens on the other side of the screen. As they depend on an influx of money to keep running, it makes sense that they would be attracted to students they know can pay most of the bill, and many of them even accept bribes. After all, that's how Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, allegedly got into Harvard, as his own teachers said that with his level of merit that would be very unlikely, if not impossible.

If a back door can be created into college admissions and guarantee admission for the top 1% of the socioeconomic spectrum, then it only ensures that the family's legacy is continued. However, this is a myth. Prestige in terms of the college's name rarely matters for most professions, and instead relies on the grit of the person. At most, one degree might confer a slight pay raise over a degree from another university for the same profession.

But this scheme has always been there, and everyone knew about it. Everyone knows that college admissions can be utter bullshit at times, but why haven't they spoken against it until now? Maybe suing the university might not be practical or feasible. Maybe there are just not enough people in support of the wronged. But maybe now people can band together and inspire future change, like the Asian-Americans who are suing Harvard. I really do wish people spoke against this blatant disregard for the bottom 99% earlier, but at least justice is going to be served.

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How to Know If Your Friendship is Problematic

Sometimes it can be hard to tell.


Your suspicions are perfectly valid, I promise. Here's how to tell if there are serious problems in your friendship.

1. They never make the effort to see you

Friendship is a two way street, and you should not be feeling like you're doing all the work.

2. They never adjust their behavior even when you told them multiple times how much it bothered you

If they won't even take your feelings seriously, are they even a good friend?

3. They're not happy for you when something good happens to you

A real friend would celebrate your successes with you.

4. They are low-key threatened by you

This isn't good. You should be able to see each other as teammates and not competition.

5. They make you feel crazy for demanding basic respect

The worst is when you lower your standards so low that even basic human rights feel like a luxury to you.

6. When they have a problem with you but don't talk to you about it directly

This is so passive aggressive and not needed.

7. They don't care that they're causing you pain

In fact, you suspect that they might actually enjoy how hurt you are and take pride that they were the one who did that to you.

8. You feel like they don't care about you as much as they used to

Sometimes your instincts might actually be correct.

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