You would think I would know by now. But it's not true.

It's a prime time to be alive. And I'm really glad to be in it.

But I lost a lot of things along the way through this growth process.

Friends, class notes, and a lot of scrunchies. It's not easy and I'm sure it never will be. Can I manage?

Hell yeah I can. I can soar through and look down upon the ground and think how much farther I can go.

I never want to get down on the ground. I don't want to be ignored. I don't want to be invisible.

I don't want to be the person who is just a secondary thought. I used to think getting by and blending in was the way to prevent myself from getting my feelings hurt.

My feelings are always hurt but I never know why. Emotions just pour out of me like a carton of milk that has spilled to the ground.

And sometimes I do feel alone. I do feel left out. But will I be stuck in this rut forever?

I will be unless I do something about it.

I don't challenge others as often as I should but I sure like giving myself a hard time. It's normal.

What I learned so far is to not take this time for granted as I will never get it back. I want to make the things I do matter. And now, I know they do.

I want to be validated and recognized for my hard work, even though it may not be ideal but you can never say I didn't try. You just did not want to listen.

I know I am worthy of something great but I'm still searching. And I will never give up. I can assure you that.