While house-sitting for my aunt, I noticed that she has a lot of windows. Surrounding her home is lush forest and yet you can still hear the city life down the road. Sometimes it is nice to just turn the television off and look out the window and really enjoy what life has to offer.

While it might seem like simple things - trees, flowers, grass, etc., it still is beautiful to know that life offers so many wonderful things. Take some time to just sit down and look out your window and listen, watch to see what you can find. You will be surprised to know what lingers behind the glass.

Whether it be one or many,

Big or small,

Squares, triangles, circles -

We all look out some sort of window.

But what lies behind the glass?

Is it shades of green from the trees?

Or the busy city life that moves too fast?

It's all different, but all still beautiful.

What lingers behind the glass,

Is for us to see.

Looking out my window, I see many things.

Rough spines of trees that shoot up into the blue sky,

Green hands reaching out to touch my face.

While the trees are dancing, the wind is marching -

Across the sky and plains and through the streets.

But what else lies behind the glass?

People racing down the street, going with the flow.

Cars dashing down the street from one spot to another.

The horns and alarms of busy city life,

Is yet another thing you see out your window.

Looking out my window, I see many things.

Deer eating grass, eyes big and curious.

Bunnies rushing through the grass,

Jumping high in the sky.

What else lies behind the glass?

Things we don't always see.

Things like pollen, mites, and air.

We don't see everything on the outside,

But we can hear what is buzzing around.

And lastly, when I look out my window,

I see things coming to life.

Flowers blooming, bees buzzing,

Birds chirping, and grass swaying.

When I look out my window,

The world around us coming to life.