Poetry On Odyssey: My Name

Poetry On Odyssey: My Name

7 letters can mean much more.


Michele. My name could mean a lot of things, depending on who you ask. To strangers, I seem like a goofy teenage girl who is friendly most of the time. I would probably be told that my name has a strange spelling as it is really supposed to be spelled like 'Michelle.' I would just shrug my shoulders and say "I don't know why my name is spelled like that." But I am just Michele. And I like that.

To peers, I seem like a kind kid who is socially confused. High school automatically forces you to be in cliques. I don't like nor do I fit into any specific clique. I consider everyone to be a friend, even if they just smile at me in the school hallway or run up to me and ask how my day was going. I appreciate those moments because, in a few years, I will have to share those same moments but with different people from all over the world, not just Monmouth County. But I am just Michele. And I like that.

To teachers, I seem like a pretty decent student. I'm not the smartest kid but I'm not the kid who is gonna look back at high school and think it was such a waste. Sure, it's not fun at times but it's so liberating. These are the times when I don't have super important responsibilities but I have goals for when high school is over. Older people say that their high school years were some of the best years of their life. I think I can believe that and maybe one day, when I am fat and old, I could say the same thing. But for now, I am just Michele. And I like that.

To friends, I seem like a funny and laid back person. I can agree to that to a certain degree. I love to make people laugh and I don't like causing trouble so I just stay as calm as I possibly can. Most of the time, it doesn't really work so I don't know why people think I am laid back. Maybe I'm just naturally a cool and nonchalant person. I hope that's the case because that sounds really great to me. But I am just Michele. And I like that.

To my family, I seem like a daughter and a sister who they can rely on for anything. My parents always barge into my room and ask me if the text they are about to send makes sense and my brother likes to talk about petty Youtuber drama with me. They are just ridiculous and shallow conversations. As an emotional person, I don't like personal conversations. Usually, they just sound depressing and I like to avoid depressing things. The world is already sad but I like the sun, the stars and the moon that shines bright lights on it. My family is like the sun. I need them and they make me happy and I'm so grateful for them because, in some places in the world, the sun doesn't shine as bright as mine. But I am just Michele. And I like that.

To myself, I am a stranger,

a peer,

a student,

a friend,

a sister,

a daughter and everything else in between.

But I am just Michele, a person with a name.

And I like Michele,

both the name

and the person.

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Tinder Might Just Be A Dating App, But I Found More Than A Simple 'Date'

Lots of people don't really believe that tinder is a place for finding meaningful relationships. Little do they know, it has the potential to do exactly that.


Tinder is a place full of catfish, horn dogs, and sometimes even weirdos.

So many would think that it is an app mainly used for hookups, right?

Well, I'm one of the people that used it to genuinely try to find a relationship, and I basically had no idea what I was doing so that was a pretty big plus.

I matched with lots of people that I found fairly interesting from what I've read/seen about them so far.

But I didn't really feel like any of them were the one.

I met a ton of cool new people, don't get me wrong. But none of them really made me feel a wow factor, ya know?

But suddenly, that changed.

I met a very special character.

We connected almost instantly.

Talking just felt so right, and I was super excited whenever they would message back almost instantly.

This special character had the coolest view on life itself and I just wanted to keep picking at that fantastic brain because there was so much that I needed to know.

They were the perfect example of an old soul trapped in a teenagers body.

We would talk about absolutely everything, from existential crises to simple things, like what we both had for lunch.

I remember saying how it was the first day of spring, and I was feeling pretty sad for some reason, but I said "no no no, my mood can't be sad, we have to celebrate! it's the first day of spring so happiness is mandatory!"

He responded to my worries with this:

"Happiness is everywhere

Even in the sadness


Isn't it kinda amazing that you are alive, right here and now, experiencing that sadness?

These little moments help to make us who we are

Enjoy them, don't fight them

Acknowledge them, learn from them, and grow

Sorrow is the soil of a fertile heart

And remember

When you get through the sorrow

You can bring joy to others

I think that's the whole big meaning of it all

To just love and do good

Fill your and other's hearts"

I have never been so starstruck by a human being before. I was at a loss of words.

This special character was extremely waking in this harsh world, and I appreciated that.

After a few more of these special moments, we finally exchanged numbers.

As we continued talking, I started to feel pretty insecure. Why would this phenomenal human being talk to me, of all people? I just didn't understand it.

He threw me some reassuring words, and all of my negative feelings just disappeared.

This human really knew what to say, and when to say it.

We continued our conversations, and a few weeks later, we started to express certain hearty feelings.

I would go to him whenever I felt some type of way and he would always comfort me.

This relationship has been doing nothing but growing since the very beginning.

"I do believe things happen to fall into our life for a reason, and more and more it seems we found each other for a reason past simple coincidence."

Yes, Tinder can be a very scary place.

But I would at least give it a chance. It might lead to such beautiful relationships with fantastic people.

It led to my finding this very special character in my life, Adam.

I will forever be grateful for our meeting, Adam.

See you soon. xx

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I Turned 20 And Still Feel Young

If you feel young at 20, then you are lucky.


Recently, I turned 20 and it feels so different to be 20 because of two reasons. One is that I am not a teen anymore which makes me a more mature woman. The second is that I am getting old.

I am not saying getting old is a bad thing, but it is actually a good thing. I believe I have evolved as a person and became a more mature person. I think that is a very good thing. Why do I think that way? Well, there is not one reason for it.

I think when I was a teenager, I was going through a lot of hormonal and physical changes in my body. There was much time I would not know what I am doing and my emotions would change from time to time. I couldn't think properly. It was a time when I felt totally down. Teenage life was not bad, but it was not great.

When I started to become a little older, I started to understand the world from a very different perspective. I started to like everything that surrounded me. I began to look around me. It was a different feeling because when I started to look at things in a different way; I started to like them. When someone looks at things very differently, then they start to like them. And that is what I felt. I started to feel like a new person and it only happened when I started to get out of my teenage phase. That is why I still feel young even though I'm not a teenager anymore.

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