Poetry On Odyssey: "College In The Spring"

The spring semester is a wild place

You think to yourself, "I got this".

The classes are filled with people that you have seen before and know well.

The conversation is great

your teachers listen to you, you are ahead three chapters.

Then it hits.

Like a lightning bolt that got too close,

hitting the ground running before you can bare to look back.

It doesn't dawn on you until its too late,

the spring semester is coming for you.

You fall behind by thinking you are ahead

You walk to your dorm feeling defeated as you fail your first exam.

Home is in a few weeks but can you make it until then?

You're rushing to the library,

pacing your room waiting for english paper grades,

no matter how hard you try

you keep falling behind

you keep falling.

Until you don't.

You are caught up again

Your projects are turned in early

Everything is right and summer break is just around the corner.

You think to yourself, "I got this".

The spring semester is a wild place.

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