Poetry On The Odyssey: My Black Dog

Poetry On The Odyssey: My Black Dog

Depression is hard to talk about but Sir Winston Churchill and Kim Jong-Hyun helped convey it.


I live as a shadow of myself.

That darkness similar to my blood;

They both bleed out of me unwillingly.

This dog is thirsty.

Don't come near me!

This dog of mine will bite you.

His collar slips off the emancipated form I so wish to be.

I am unable to tether and control him.

He roams freely, barking and stomping on my shadow.

Just go away!

I fear this dog will bite you.

This dog I raised has turned on me.

Turning feral from trauma.

From words that bit me in the past.

Don't get too close!

I can not control how my black dog will act.

So just stay away,

Pretend you don't know me.

It's better this way.

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