Following in somebody's footsteps,

is something we all try to do,

our lives for a while circulate,

'round fitting the print of a shoe,

for the unmarked path is a terror,

that we cannot risk thinking of,

instead we stay close to the heels and toes,

that sink into hills high above.

Some tell tales of one child,

who dared to make her own way,

she put her foot down in confidence,

not caring what people would say.

Her worn leather boots left a shoe size,

that no one could possibly match,

you could follow her trail through the forest,

but her bravery you'd have yet to catch.

For it's easy to say that you've ventured,

to places where most do not go,

but until you've made your own footprints,

you're just copying marks in the snow.

- h.r.s.