Poetry On Odyssey: Confessions Of The Chauvinist And His Love
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Poetry On Odyssey: Confessions Of The Chauvinist And His Love

Society Is filled with abuse, some censored, others, quite ruthless.

Poetry On Odyssey: Confessions Of The Chauvinist And His Love
Photo by Jake Davies on Unsplash

*This is a collaboration between Mario Castelli and Chandra Raina Torrel (soulbehindthesorrow) and is intended to bring light to a rather serious issue. I am in no way shape or form discriminating against anyone, or implying sexist remarks upon myself or any party*

Am I nothing more than a walking-talking claim of equality,
Reality says I'm no more than a supremacist that views her through colored lights;
That I have to be strong and never weak;
Though, the truth is I'm breaking.

Why must we paint a picture of violence based on a chromosome,
Shouldn't that make me human?
No, of course, why would that even matter!
I'm nothing but an enforcer for my own gain.

It is tough to see her perspective beyond the nuclear clouds,
Nothing but caught in a riptide searching for the truth,
I'm screaming your name in the midnight dark;
It's a call to war, and this is where she lives.

If I told you that I loved you what would you say?
You think my hate for you is real, but still, you remain,
Now I need your help with everything that I do
I don't want to lie, I've been relying on you.


I feel equality is mere sympathy to hush us up,
I am more than a canvas to be painted--labeled as a piece of art to stare at,
Is my persona looked at as nothing but hysteria?
In reality, I am stronger than I look but weaker in your eyes.

Everytime you speak, your words sound rehearsed,
Does your reflection scream superior and I the inadequate?
What makes you hate when I cry?
It makes me feel like we are a lie.

Do you depreciate me to make yourself feel better?
Reducing me as a face with assets for pure enjoyment;
Lusting after what you could have if pride wasn't worn like a crown,
How do you sleep playing yourself off as the white knight harboring a black heart?

You cheat, you cynical flirt,
I see the way you gaze at her; you manipulating your way into another fantasy,
Trying to intimidate me with your intelligent mind
Are you above female influence?

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