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May 2019 bring all of you new beginnings and new chances. Most people mix up the idea of New Year's resolutions as a chance to completely change who they are as a person, and while the New Year is a chance to achieve goals we were unable to achieve before, they are still the goals of the old you. New beginnings, new chances, new leaps of faith, but it is all done by the old you. It's not necessarily a bad thing to put it like that; the New Year is your chance to finally get it right and your chance to develop the old you. Here is a poem I wrote to help us realize that a New Year does mean new starts, but not always new people.

As we welcome the New Year,

we open a new book.

365 pages, 365 days.

365 chances to make it right.

The New Year awaits,

And brings far better things,

Another chance to make it right,

Another chance to to take a leap,

Another chance to have a fresh start.

The old saying goes,

New Year, New me.

But I believe otherwise.

that while the New Year brings new chances

And fresh starts,

it always reflect your old dreams,

that you had not even 24 hours prior.

New Year, Old me.

For no one changes in just day,

Your dreams and aspirations, your beliefs and opinions,

Forever the same.

New Year, Same me.

But yes.

New Year, New Chances.

New Year, New Starts.

New Year, New Leaps.

But always remember,

New Year, Old Me.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; any references to a person, place, or thing is purely coincidental.

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