Poetry on Odyssey: Memories Baked Along The Way
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Poetry on Odyssey: Memories Baked Along The Way

My passion for baking helps me write some of my best poetry.

Poetry on Odyssey: Memories Baked Along The Way

Last spring semester, I took a creative writing class.

This was one of the first writing classes I had taken since coming to college, and it is actually the class that got me interested in being a creative writing minor. While other students were writing about past life events and things that had extreme impact on them, I was at the point of writing about the beach, swimming and baking. While eventually I did end up writing about some events that had significant impact on me, most of the time, I found myself writing about the other things that I mentioned.

One of my favorite things to write about when I couldn't think of anything else was baking.

I always loved baking, and I have such great memories attached to it that it just seemed to bring me peace while I wrote them. With that being said, here is one of my first poems I wrote about baking in that class called "Memories Baked Along The Way."

The sugar was white and fine

Mixed in with butter and eggs

Whipped until it was fluffy

The pale yellow color covering the silver bowl

Then came the flour in a heap

Too much at one time causing a giant poof of white to fill the air

Clouds of flour continued to float in the air

While the mixer continued to do its job

Making the dough form a ball

A ball that sat at the center of the bowl

Next in came something sweet

Chocolate covered candies

And colorful sprinkles too

Memories baked along the way

Just as sweet

Spooned and formed into small balls

Placed onto a little pan

Into the oven they go

To soon become warm sweet treats

But for now we watch them bake

Waiting for them to be done

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