Poetry on Odyssey: Lock and Key
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Poetry On Odyssey: Lock and Key

Nothing's ever purely negative or purely positive- the ups and downs must be in balance for life to run smoothly.

Poetry On Odyssey: Lock and Key
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Here's to life.

Beginnings and endings

Time constantly walked through and passed by.

Here's to the beauty of the balance it creates.

With losses come gains

And with doors closed come newfound keys

Not placed by fate

But by strength and love and life.

As I continue my journey and consider

Bonds that may break

Time that may be lost

Relationships that may be hindered

All I can do is turn my minds eye to the many things that may come to be.

And in this impossible mix off happy and sadness

I look especially towards the sky

To decipher the notes written for me in the clouds

To follow the stars

Aligned for me and for everyone

Forming our new paths to our new homes

Because "foreign" is soon to become "friendly".

These secrets I've learned

That life once attempted to keep from me

Taught me never to shy away from where I'm meant to be

And I hope everyone around me can do the same

Because your will and your faith

Are your security blankets

And you are being led for a reason

So I'll celebrate this ending

Solely to celebrate the beginning soon to follow.

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