Poetry On Odyssey: Happy Valentine's Day Codependacy

Poetry On Odyssey: Happy Valentine's Day Codependacy

How dangerous could it be when this relationship comes with a please never leave me and an attachment that ends in toxicity.


Happy Valentines Day Codependency.

When I walk Into the room

you blindly stare at me.

I need you, can't you see.

I have red rose petals in my hand

offering the love I want you to always understand.

How dangerous could it be

when this relationship comes with a please never leave me

and an attachment that ends in toxicity.

Happy Valentines Day Codependency

Toast to us, we made it through the rough stuff.

Now let's go and bind together what we want to seal up.

And then tell each other we are enough.

You give me what I need and same in return

but I can never learn

one day it's all going to burn

Opposites attract with DNA

Thinking the chain will never react

I never thought I would be defined as that.

You made me love a hopeless relationship

as a little child following the steps into the patterns of what she thought she would skip

but it caught me with its magnetic guilt clip.

Happy Valentine's Day Codependency

I will always be here for you.

So let's turn on music and dance the night away with the darkness that you hide in the blue

and ignore the belief that this relationship will destroy and blind what is true.

I want to be connected forever and tell everyone I have the best.

Find my pride in a thing that will hurt and strap to my chest.

I don't want to confess, but I have an interest.

Let me give you boxes of chocolates and a bottle of red wine

and keep telling you that you are divine.

Even when I feel like it's not right this time

You have buried me into a broken line

and deceived me from the person I could be.

You have become apart of my identity.

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5 Underrated Shows To Watch When You Get Bored Of The Mainstream Classics

With so many choices available within our 12-inch screens, it's time to try something new and experience that pleasure of liking a show enough to click the "play next episode" button within seconds.


We've all experienced the way too familiar cycle of wanting to start a new show or series, but at the same time, not wanting to wait to be fully interested and commit to one. Inevitably, we switch back to one of the more popular choices, like "Friends," "The Office," or "Grey's Anatomy," and start bingeing even though we already know how the story goes. I get it, it's hard to find a new show, and sometimes, it's just easier and safer to just sit back and enjoy something that already has our stamp of approval.

Yet, with so many choices available within our 12-inch screens, it's time to try something new and experience that pleasure of liking a show enough to click the "play next episode" button within seconds. From my own experience, here is a short list of the most underrated shows that I have come to enjoy and watch in between reruns of my old favorites. Personally, in order to keep watching, I need either an element of comedy or suspense.

If you prefer those categories, then I think you'll appreciate some if not all of these choices, and if not, it won't hurt to check one or two of them out to see for yourself.

1. "A Very English Scandal"

During winter break, I had discovered all that there is to love about Hugh Grant romantic comedies. From "Four Weddings and a Funeral" to "Notting Hill" to "Love Actually," his charming personalities were easily recognizable and quickly admired. It was much to my surprise, and many others, when I stumbled upon this very recent work of his on Amazon Prime. Based on the book by the same name and true events which took place in England during the 1960s and 1970s, the three-part miniseries highlights a compelling, suspenseful, and dark yet comical story.

Jeremy Thorpe (Grant) was on his way to becoming Prime Minister when he was accused and tried for conspiring to murder an ex-lover, Norman Scott, played by Ben Winshaw. The series was a hit in Britain, but I found it even more interesting to watch as an American who didn't know the results and aftermath of the trial. Besides the dichotomy of the story for its time and setting along with the characters, one of the best parts of the series for me was the background score. The soundtrack was stuck in my head for a long while after watching and really captured the mystery and subtle humorous tones of it at the perfect moments.

2. "One Day at a Time"

With its third season just released on Netflix, this series follows the day to day life of a Cuban American family. It'll leave you laughing one second and wanting to call your mom the next. Working with very ambitious plot lines, the audience watches as the characters tackle issues and topics such as feminism, minority status, mental health, immigration, and so much more. Though the discussions may seem a little forced at times, the characters do a commendable job of making their conflicts relatable.

Fun fact: its theme is sung by none other than the Cuban American pop icon herself, Gloria Estefan, who also happens to make a guest appearance in one of the later episodes.

3. "Kim's Convenience"

The Kim's are just the average neighborhood family that owns a convenience store down the street. Usually, shows with immigrant family's have children who are still in grade school, but this different because the kids are actually young adults, trying to figure out how to live on their own, while still maintaining family relationships and having the most comedic and all too familiar misunderstandings. I am patiently awaiting its third season to come on Netflix.

4. "Psych"

Far from the average crime-solving mystery drama, this eight-season series available on Amazon Prime, adds a much needed light-hearted note. Each episode starts with a flashback to main character Shawn Spencer's childhood. His father, a retired police detective, trained him on how to develop acute observational skills with the expectation that Shawn would grow up to become a detective. Though he doesn't end up becoming a detective, in an odd turn of events, he ends up convincing the police department that they could use his assistance on unique cases as an on-call, self-proclaimed psychic. What follows is the inevitable friendly rivalry between Shawn and the head detective, advice from his unsatisfied father, help from a hesitant but loyal best friend, all while keeping the audience hooked, not necessarily on who done it, but how Shawn solves it.

5. Any Maz Jobrani Comedy Special

With not one, but three specials on Netflix, this under-appreciated comedian loves to muse about his Persian background, his mixed family with his Indian wife, immigration, and other daily struggles and incidents. His specials are definitely worth a watch and you'll for sure be crying tears of laughter at some point during them.

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10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Might Be Mad At You

In a relationship it's not always sunshine and rainbows...


Relationships. It is always nice starting up a new relationship because everything is so new and exciting. You manage to think everything your significant other says or does is cute.

After a few months that happy bubble bursts, and suddenly your girlfriend is getting mad at you for all kinds of reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why your girlfriend might be mad at you:

1. You have selective hearing.

It's wonderful when your significant other conveniently forgets things you discuss or tunes you out because they are either focused on something else or they don't want to deal with whatever it is that you are talking about. You get my sarcasm here right??

2. Your texting is not the greatest.

How hard is it to pick up your phone and send a "good morning" text? Or simply respond to texts within a decent amount of time? You don't have to respond within seconds, but taking several hours to respond is annoying and makes her feel like she is not important enough to get a text back.

3. You didn't read her mind.

She's having a bad day. You assume she wants her space because of her anger, when in reality, she was hoping you would come over and comfort her. Now she's mad that you didn't come chill and be grumpy together.

4. She had a dream that you did something bad.

How dare you cheat on her with that girl in her dream?! Even though it wasn't real, she will probably wake up disgusted and hold it against you for the rest of the day.

5. You're always late.

"I'll be there at 5:00." *Arrives at 5:30. * Even when you just have plans to stay in, plans are plans. Your girlfriend probably rushed trying to get ready for you and to show up late doesn't make it seem like you respect her time.

6. She gave you options but you made the wrong choice.

Go see the latest Marvel movie or see a rom-com? Of course, you're going to pick the Marvel movie even though she really wanted to see the rom-com. Ooops.

7. The toilet seat.

…Just put the freaking seat down!!!

8. She feels underappreciated.

Sometimes in relationships we get so comfortable that we forget to make sweet gestures to show we appreciate one another.

9. One-word responses.

Nothing is more annoying than sending your significant other a text or explaining something that is basically as long as a novel and getting a one-word response like "ok" or "oh." So cool.

10. You don't make her a priority.

Sure, there is no problem with family and work being a priority in your life. What gets annoying is when you can't seem to make family, work, AND your girlfriend a priority. Make sure you aren't making her feel like she is an option or a way to pass time.

Relationships are a lot of work. Make sure you are communicating with your partner, even about the unpleasant stuff. She can't stay mad at you forever if you are genuinely trying to be the best boyfriend to her you can be!

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