Happy Valentines Day Codependency.

When I walk Into the room

you blindly stare at me.

I need you, can't you see.

I have red rose petals in my hand

offering the love I want you to always understand.

How dangerous could it be

when this relationship comes with a please never leave me

and an attachment that ends in toxicity.

Happy Valentines Day Codependency

Toast to us, we made it through the rough stuff.

Now let's go and bind together what we want to seal up.

And then tell each other we are enough.

You give me what I need and same in return

but I can never learn

one day it's all going to burn

Opposites attract with DNA

Thinking the chain will never react

I never thought I would be defined as that.

You made me love a hopeless relationship

as a little child following the steps into the patterns of what she thought she would skip

but it caught me with its magnetic guilt clip.

Happy Valentine's Day Codependency

I will always be here for you.

So let's turn on music and dance the night away with the darkness that you hide in the blue

and ignore the belief that this relationship will destroy and blind what is true.

I want to be connected forever and tell everyone I have the best.

Find my pride in a thing that will hurt and strap to my chest.

I don't want to confess, but I have an interest.

Let me give you boxes of chocolates and a bottle of red wine

and keep telling you that you are divine.

Even when I feel like it's not right this time

You have buried me into a broken line

and deceived me from the person I could be.

You have become apart of my identity.