Religious poems

The first poem that I have ever written. It was on a Sunday night at 9 pm and I was sitting on my bathroom floor thinking about God. His perspective of myself. It came out just the way it is written. I always go back to this when I need that reminder.

When God Took My Hand

When God took my hand he said hold it tight.

When God took my hand he said don't pick a fight

cause I know the plans that you do not see

just promise to keep on living your life for me.

When God took my hand he said look in my eyes

do you see the beauty that lies inside?

I know you're scared, I know you feel weak

I know you think that your dreams will never be.

But know that I am your God

Just stand firm in your faith, don't let the valley escape the dreams you want to chase.

I am in you and you are in me so lets us together sing Glory Be.

Glory be to the light that shines deep in me.

I know you want things to brighten up

but listen, my child, you are enough.

I love you more than you'll ever know

so just keep pushing through the snow

It will melt, the hard will end, and the joy will begin.

I don't want you to miss out on what I have for you within.

When God took my hand he said come and follow me

I know what is best for you wait and see.

I know it's hard to trust

but I know what you need to adjust.

Don't be afraid, I am good, and know your heart is wearing thin.

Take my hand and we will walk through this till the day ends.

My grace is sufficient and I will keep you strong.

I will be right there to catch you when you fall

and I will walk right beside you through it all.

And always remember that I am your God

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