Poetry On Odyssey: Jealousy

Poetry On Odyssey: Jealousy

Jealousy can change us for the worst and may make us appear other than what we truly are.


Everyone has felt the green headed monster,

has tasted its bitter aftertaste on the tips of their tongues,

has touched the inky darkness that had enclosed their heart.

has seen the red haze cloud the sunny skies.

The gentle flicker of a smile hides unbearable pain,

the sharp pangs of suffering pulls on heartstrings,

their eyes burn with hidden sight they wish they did not have.

You may think you know what you deserve,

But the monster inside knows what you need.

And fueled by bitterness and necessity,

It feasts on what it desires even if it may not come to pass.

When the inner beast desires to escape its prison,

attempting to fight a harsh reality,

That's when you know that though you may look like a savage,

it is life that is the true beast.

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There’s More Than One Kind Of Smart

Growing up in traditional public schools, most of us are taught using the same methods. For some students, this works but not everyone.


I have always done well in school. Listening to a lecture, taking notes, and memorizing study guides has always been sufficient for me to learn the material well enough to get good grades. As a result of this, I have typically been considered intelligent, or at the very least "book smart". I have friends and family though who are not so fortunate. They work harder than I have ever had to and yet still fail the tests and do poorly. They're not dumb, their minds just don't work the same way as mine, or the way the traditional school system does. Luckily, there is a theory to explain this.

Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory was formed in 1983 and helps to explain the different types of smart people are, and how to develop those skills in students. Here are the 8 different intelligences, how they're expressed, and how to utilize them when teaching students:

1. Verbal-Linguistic

Words Scrabble Letters


Verbal-Linguistic people love language. They enjoy reading, writing, and telling stories. This one is pretty easy to incorporate into lessons, as much of our school system is naturally geared towards it.

2. Logical-Mathematical


If you enjoy numbers, and knowing both the how and why of things, then you may be logical-mathematical intelligent. These people enjoy finding problems to solve and multiple ways to solve them, in both daily life and the classroom. A great way to engage these students is to have them find other ways to solve a math problem and have them explain their thought process.

3. Visual-Spatial

Kids Drawing Children Graffiti Crayon Parenting


These are the artists, the doodlers, and the dreamers who see things differently. They are very spatially aware and enjoy stories with detailed descriptions, and the opportunity to make art projects. A great to engage these students is by giving them art projects to do and allowing them to draw out word problems to solve them.

4. Musical-Rhythmic


These are the musicians, the kids who are constantly singing, humming and moving to music. They attach emotions to music and can learn well through song. Playing different types of music throughout the day is helpful as well.

5. Bodily-Kinesthetic


These are the dancers, the athletes, and the textile learners. They love to move, and learn well through touch and acting things out. Skits, active games, and stretching breaks are very helpful for these learners.

6. Interpersonal

Trust Hand Teamwork Keep Cooperation Unity


Sensitive to others, people with a strong interpersonal intelligence are great at cooperative activities and resolving conflicts. They love talking and interacting with others, and learn well in groups. For students who excel at this, having them tutor each other, work together, and talk through problems is beneficial.

7. Intrapersonal


Those who have a strong intrapersonal intelligence are very reflective and self-motivated. They are the "wallflowers" preferring to watch and listen before contributing. Preferring to work alone, they need quiet time to process new ideas and will often daydream. A great way to help develop this intelligence is to give students quiet time to journal, and have them set personal goals throughout the year.

8. Naturalist


These are the hikers and biologists of our world, the ones catching lizards and rescuing injured creatures. Steve Irwin would be a great example of someone with a strong naturalist intelligence. For students, having nature labs and outdoor activities helps them develop these connections. Reading stories about environmental problems and teaching kids how to help is another great way to strengthen this one.

Everyone has all 8 of this intelligences to some degree, and it is important to use the ones we are strongest in. Are you curious about which intelligence you are strongest in? Take this short quiz to find out where your strengths lie. If you're a parent or teacher, have your students or children take it. Find out what your true strengths are and how best to help your kids learn. We're all smart after all, just in different ways.

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There Is A Whole Generation That Is Just Now Discovering The Jonas Brothers And All Their Glory

This is an S.O.S.


I can see it so clearly. It's 2008, you're sitting in front of the TV awaiting the new "Camp Rock" movie so that you could catch a glimpse of the hottest new band, the Jonas Brothers.

You've seen them before on an episode of "Hannah Montana" and you love their music already. But, little did you know, this new movie will bring them to a new peak of fame.

They become every little girl's favorite guys in no time. We were all quickly deciding which member of the band we were going to marry (Nick, for me) and hanging their posters across our walls.

This was over 10 years ago — and now they're back.

The Jonas Brothers are finally back after so many years without them. Us college kids are feeling nostalgic over the Jo Bros we used to know and love, while the girls who are the age that we were when they first came around are discovering them for the very first time. And that's crazy to me.

The legacy of the Jonas Brothers is an unforgettable one. They were basically the One Direction of 2008 to 2010. They had the ultimate crazy fan base of young girls who fantasized about them. And there's now going to be a whole new generation of young girls going through that all over again now that they've made a surprisingly amazing comeback.

It's crazy how many things from our childhood are making a comeback and will be experienced for the first time by the younger generation. The emotions and feelings that we felt over these things and people so long ago are going to be repeated and I couldn't be happier.

The Jonas Brothers were and always will be a part of who we are. I can only be glad that their comeback is a good one and that the 10-year-old girl inside all of us will live on.

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