A Poem For Those Who Believe in White History Month

WARNING: This is a very, very, controversial poem. I am not attacking anyone, it was a conversation. Please respect that before anything else. If you have a problem with this poem, please just leave the page.

With this being said, this is "White History Month"

Back home I have a friend...but I no longer call him a friend

He insists we need a white history month; when asked why he says,

"If black people get one, why can't we?" I stop him

It's not we.

I don't think the oppressors get to ask for anything.

Maybe you can get your own month when we go through

400 years of slavery, or when you get shot in a normal traffic stop.

Maybe white history month can be a thing when you get turned

Away from a job just for being who God made you to be.

Maybe you can have a white history month when you light a

Candlelight vigil for a fallen son or daughter

Who just wanted a snack from the corner store.

Yeah, I am White, SURPRISE! But don't group me with those

Who don't understand that asking for this month is just like asking

Snow to be fire or asking for a Straight History Month.

Do not include me when you get the feeling that you should

Take more from those you stripped clean and drug across the ocean.

So yeah, ask for a white History month, but don't ask me to celebrate.

Last time I checked, no one went to a funeral and threw a party at the wake.

Last time I checked, when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up,

You said a job, not just the word "alive" like a prayer.

So why are you pretending your ancestors' fingerprints aren't on the gun of racial history?

I'm not saying be ashamed of being white,

I am saying stop ruining funerals and start sending flowers.

Stop acting innocent, and start attending funerals instead of being the reason for them.

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