Before you quickly roll your eyes and exit this article, just give me one minute.

Candace Owens was the communications director and front-woman of the grassroots conservative movement, Turning Point USA. You may have heard about TPUSA, but I'm sure what you heard wasn't true.

The reason this young woman is a leader for us all is because of her message: Think for yourself.

There's a great deal of criticism that comes her way because of her past of liberal opinions. This doesn't make much sense, in fact, it supports her case. She felt cornered into one set of beliefs her entire life and finally broke free from this thought prison in which far too many minorities, of all kinds, are kept.

If anything supports her argument, it's that. She had the courage to stop listening to what she was 'supposed' to be. If you have to convince people that they're supposed to think a certain way, you're doing it wrong.

Skeptics of her tend to ask, "if you are against identity politics, why are you hosting conferences of black people, Hispanics, and women?" The answer is quite simple, it's identity without the politics. Never once does she demand that these groups vote Republican, or vote according to the issues that she cares about. She encourages these groups, who have been told their entire life that they must think a certain way, to open their mind. She tells them why they don't need to be trapped in thought by people who don't actually provide anything for them.

Yes, it is often at the Democratic party's expense. That is because, in her opinion — and mine — the Democrats have taken advantage of the minority groups that they champion.

You can't argue with the facts. Fact is: Black unemployment is at a record low. Many are realizing this, hence the doubling of black support for the current administration according to some polls.

There is a reason for the growing influence of the #WalkAway, #Blexit, and #Jexodus movements. These minority groups of LGBTQ+, racial and religious minorities are finally realizing that this one thing does not define you, and this institution that claims to support you is, in fact, holding you prisoner.

The worst thing that these institutions and people do to these reliant minority groups is tell them that they are victims who are oppressed and that everyone else owes them something because of it. Candace Owens calls bullish*t on this. She says you have to choose to be either a victim or a victor. (Hint: there's only one right answer.) Victors overcome and victims expect.

The Democratic Party thrives off of the poverty of black people, they need to keep people on welfare and food stamps in order to convince them that its what they need. The black vote has always been a Democratic stronghold, but this is changing. People of all colors are becoming wise to the fact that President Donald Trump has done more for them, their wallets, and their dinner tables, than any other in the past few decades.

Candace Owens has made it her mission to empower everyone. Especially people like women, and racial minorities, to whom she explains that they are more than their gender or color.

Stop letting other people think for you. Stop thinking with the color of your skin, your sexuality, your gender, your ethnicity, and the list goes on and on. Think with your brain.

The point is, you should gather the correct information and think what you will, but stop allowing an institution or a culture to tell you what you're allowed to think. Candace Owens champions this.