Poem on Odyssey: Ode to the Yellow Polka Dot Scarf

Poem on Odyssey: Ode to the Yellow Polka Dot Scarf

Ever had that one piece of clothing that was just so nostalgic you couldn't get rid of it?

KJ Beckett

When I laid eyes on you

I knew you were the one

The cheap feel of your fabric

And odd odor did not matter

To me

For you, dear friend,

Were my favorite color and pattern

I did not wear you like

All the other girls would have

I tied you around my head

With the tail on the side

You were to be worn

On the days I felt brave

I wanted to stand out

But at the same time I wanted all

The other girls to want to look

Like me, I wanted to start a trend

You, reminder of middle school quirkiness,

Are the cause of the creation

Of the best nickname I have ever been given

My friends could not decide if I looked

More like a hippie or a ninja, and I was also

What the kids called back in those days,

‘Funsized’, thus fuhinja was born

I have kept you, my trusty confidence builder,

All these years to remind me where I came from

The girl who would wear you proudly

Is still inside me

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