Poem: His Triangle
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Poem: His Triangle

Persona poem about the Bermuda Triangle.

Poem: His Triangle

He'll make you disappear.

He'll make ships and airplanes disappear.

He is mysterious

with his blue-ocean eyes,

he'll take your breath away.

Many get too attached to him

then they get hurt


or vanished.

Many will think of him as a myth, a legend, a story

but his story is very real.

He lives in the Atlantic Ocean

between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

He has many names

but they call him the Bermuda Triangle

where demons surround him

where people fear him, yet they need to see him.

In 1945, 5 planes disappeared at the same time

In 1965, a private plane got lost with a pilot and one passenger

In 2015, two 14-year-old boys went on a fishing trip,

a year later the boat was found in Bermuda,

where the boys were never to be seen again.

Today his story is still being told.

His sinister polygon still haunts people till this day.

Will he continue?

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