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Poetry On Odyssey: How Do You Describe Color To The Blind?

How about describing sound to the deaf?


How do you describe color to the blind?

By sound, by touch, by smell, by taste?

How do you describe sound to the deaf?

By touch, by smell, by sight, by taste?

How do you describe sound and color to one who is both deaf and blind?

By touch, by taste?

It would seem inconceivable to them, a fairy-tale from the way they picture the world.

Through texture, shape, size, and taste.

Yet there is no denying that although they may not conceive a world in color or even the idea of color,

Or a world with sound or the idea of sound,

That a world in which both these things exists is real.

Yet we can do nothing except remind them and swear to them that its reality.

Similarly, we live in a world in which we only know what we are capable of imagining.

A world limited by our human senses.

Senses that have proven to be limited, especially compared to other animals.

So when God promises us paradise, it seems inconceivable to us.

When he promises limitless treasures, it seems unimaginable to us.

When he mentions the grandeur and size of just one tree in paradise, it seems impossible.

It seems like a fairy-tale from the way we picture the world.

Yet there is no denying that although we may not comprehend such a powerful being or such a magnificent reward,

That it does in fact exist.

Yet we can do nothing except listen to the reminder from God and his promise that it is, in fact, real.

Truer than what we see and hear in front of us.

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