Plot Twist: I'm in Love with the Eastern Shore
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Plot Twist: I'm in Love with the Eastern Shore

The sun, the sand, and the waves.

Plot Twist: I'm in Love with the Eastern Shore

I grew up on the western shore of Maryland, the "main land", or whatever you may call it. I loved where I grew up, but when it was time to go off to college I chose to attend Salisbury University on the Eastern shore; it's close enough to home, but just far enough too. Being at SU freshman and sophomore year I thought, "I love going to school here, but that's about it."

I had and still have no real desire to stay after graduation, but this year I had my car on campus so exploring the Eastern Shore became a lot easier. I also knew more people to show me around places. This summer I have an internship on campus. I was not dreading it because I was excited about the opportunity, but I figured I would be so bored and the area would be empty. This is all rather true still since many of my friends are not around, however, I actually have plenty to do and the area is not as boring as I thought.

One fact you should probably know about me is that I am a beach person. I grew up going to my grandmother's at the beach. It could be in the summer, fall, winter, and spring — any season really because I love the beach! Being on the Eastern shore, I knew I would be able to go to the beach. Most people suggest Ocean City to which I cringe at over the tourists, traffic, and parking prices. This is not the only beach on the Eastern shore though. I have found myself going to the beach much more than I expecting and I am loving every second of it. I go to the Assateague, Chincoteague, Roaring Point, and the Cove. These are varying in ocean and river beaches but all with sand, water, and sun! This is all I need, therefore I have found that maybe living here is not as bad as I initially thought.

This is summer though. The time for graduation parties and family get togethers, so I have been driving out of town to other states or back home on many weekends. Even with all of the back and forth, my drive is not so bad. When I am coming home I drive through long stretches of farm fields. They are just beautiful, especially if the sun is hitting it just right. Passing by the lone house in a breezy sea of green is amazing to look at. I don't think I will get tired of any sunset if I get to see them over the fields and waters of the Eastern Shore.

Although I am still sometimes bored, the beach is always just a short drive away. I think I can now better appreciate the Eastern Shore for it's natural beauty. I have not changed my mind on staying, but I definitely have a bigger spot in my heart for this. All these pictures have been taken on the Eastern Shore by me!

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