Please Do Not Yell At Me For Loving Disney

Please Do Not Yell At Me For Loving Disney

It's a magical place, ok?

When I think about where I am the happiest, I first think Disney World. The feeling of entering those gates to the most magical place on Earth is unlike any other. The smells, the crowds, the scenery. I take one look at the castle and I am home.

Everything in Disney World is so familiar, providing me with glimpses of my childhood. My debut to Disney World was at seven months old and I remember every second of that trip. Just kidding. But since then, I've been back more times than I can even count.

People are always asking me "Ew, why do like Disney?" followed by their own reasons like "too many lines" or "too many people." Others say, "Disney World is for little kids." Well, everyone has their opinions, so here are mine!

Everyone is a kid at Disney. It does not matter if you are thirty or two hundred years old, you are ten in Disney World. What could be better than transforming back into your ten-year-old self for just a couple of days? For just a few minutes, you forget that Mickey Mouse is actually a man in a sweaty costume and you feel like you are meeting a real celebrity because let's be honest, you are.

Disney World is always changing, just like us! Everything is updated. They are constantly adding new lands to compliment the popular Disney opinions. Have a new favorite Disney movie? Go to Disney World, they have a ride for it.

The Castle. Need I say more.

The food is incredible. From Mickey waffles to Mickey shaped marshmallow treats, there is something for everyone, even the pickiest eater on this planet. The dining experience can be as casual or as extravagant as you want it to be AND you can meet the characters while you eat. AHH! I love shaking Peter Pan's hand while shoving a chicken finger in my mouth.

Those tear-jerking fireworks. Just when you think your day cannot get any better, BAM! Tinker Bell flies over Main Street, followed by a dazzling sparkle in the sky. This is just the beginning of the best firework show that you've ever seen in your life. Ever.

If you are not checking your calendar for upcoming open weekends to sneak down to Disney for a few days, I apologize because I know I am. These reasons, plus one hundred trillion more, are why I consider Disney World my second home. I could easily write a book about it but I know about two people who would read it and my mom and dad already do enough for me.

So for those of you who do not believe that Disney World is the happiest place on Earth, I hope that you have a place that brings you a smile as big as mine in Magic Kingdom. Pretty please just don't yell at me for loving Disney.

Cover Image Credit: Sarah Lynch

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Waiting 45 Minutes For The C Line In NYC Is One Of The Reasons I Miss New York

New York City will always be my home.

I have lived in New York city for 17 of the 18 years I have been on this planet. Before going off to college, I did not think much about it.

As much as I love D.C., the curse is that once you live in NYC, there is no city like it. While I was walking around D.C. alone one night I began to realize how quiet it was, how dark it was. I was able to see the clear sky with the stars surrounding me. I was amazed at the D.C. sight at night, but I continued to miss my home.

You have to wait 45 minutes for the C line because the subway is sometimes inconvenient. You have to squeeze through hundreds of people when walking to your next destination. You hate tourists who always walk .01 miles per hour and you have to passive aggressively say “Excuse me!” without trying to associate with the stereotype that New Yorkers are rude.

You can’t stand going through Times Square to get to work. Sometimes you feel like it would be so much nicer to live somewhere on the West Coast, like LA, where everyone has this mindset of positivity.

I just mentioned all the things that I hate about New York, but to be honest, those are the things I miss the most about being in NYC. Having to wait 45 minutes for the train allowed me to talk to the person I was with. If I had a curfew, I could say that the train was 45 minutes late. Easy. I miss the busy-ness of the city. Everyone had an agenda; they had places to go, things to do.

Perhaps I miss all these things because I grew up in NYC and most of my memories and most amazing moments have been in New York.

However, even if you just stopped by for a few days, and hate the pushing and the shoving, NYC is also perfect. Central Park, Upper East Side, Soho, Morningside Heights, etc… You never know who you’ll run into while you're walking around the city. I swear, it is a magical place.

To name a few examples:

My friend, whose ambition is to be a fashion designer, is obsessed with Project Runway. She loves Tim Gunn. LOVES. She has run into him more than 20 times. Even I have run into him more than 5 times in Central Park. My friend even asked him if he could come to her fashion show at our high school.

To her surprise, he said of course, and continued to give her his email. Although she was upset that he did not show up, he emailed her a couple days later apologizing for not making it. The Project Runway filming ran over time, which is 1000% a valid excuse.

At a certain time, I loved Connor Franta (still do). I was going to go to his book signing and meet-and-greet for my birthday. I was overly excited and couldn’t wait to meet him. However, due to the confusion of the event, I was unable to get into the meet-and-greet. Here’s the catch: I ran into him the day before on the reservoir as I was exercising. My heart stopped and I told him how much I loved him, and asked him if we could take a picture.

I’ll leave you with this example: filming. There are many movies and shows filmed in New York. I’ve crossed the street with Ben Stiller accidentally while they were filming a movie, Gossip Girl was filmed at my old neighborhood, I have served an actress while I worked at an Italian restaurant in downtown NYC.

The magic that comes with being in NYC is something that no other city can copy. It is solely a NYC concept. That is why I miss my home.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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I Moved to GA From CA And It Was The Biggest Change Of My Life

The culture shock was real.

Imagine this: me, a native Californian, learning that there is a real grocery store called “Piggly Wiggly.” (Like why is it called Piggly Wiggly? I mean, first of all, piggly? That’s not even a word.

If anything, it sounds like a pet store. I’m so confused) It’s hard to people to understand why I would move to the South out of all places. I had never even been to the South before committing to come to college out here and to be honest there was no real reason why I chose Georgia. All I knew was I wanted to go out-of-state and this is where I ended up.

I was LA born and raised, but I’ve hated living in California for as long as I can remember. From the cost of living, to the traffic and overpopulation; the list of reasons I wanted to leave could go on forever. When college application season rolled around, I knew it was my one chance to finally move away. When August finally came, I packed my bags and went from the City of Angels to a small rural city in Georgia.

Honestly, I could not have picked two more opposite places to live. The culture shock was real and it was a drastic change. Firstly, the food situation. I knew I would be disappointed with the Mexican food out here, but I was appalled when I discovered that most people here didn’teven know what horchata or elotes were. And not to sound like a stereotypical Californian, but not having In-n-out has been pretty rough, too. Although there was a lot that people out here did not know, there was also much that I needed to learn about Southern culture. Waffle House was a place I had never even heard of before coming here and I’ve since been educated on the place that I now call a Waffle home. I’ve learned from friends that you only go after 1 am and it’s really a place you go to for average food and an above average experience. Cookout has also become one of my new favorite food places and I actually missed it when I went home for break.

There is also a noticeable difference in clothing styles. I’ve noticed that Southern style consists of Patagonia sweaters, Vineyard Vines clothing, Chacos, camo, and lots of monogrammed clothing. Being 100% honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody wear camo unironically and it’s kind of something that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. As for Chacos, I had never even heard of them before moving here, and I’ve learned from personal experience that if you go back home for winter break wearing them you will get made fun of for having “Jesus sandals.”

However, one thing that I may never get used to is how nice people are in the South. LA is full of rude, stuck-up people and I was overwhelmed with how nice people are here. In the South, cars will let you through while driving and restaurants will give you free meals if you forget your credit card. Those are things that would never happen back home. People say hi and actually talk to each other, even strangers! I’ve met so many amazing people while living here and it astonishes me how nice they can be.

Moving from one culture to another has been an interesting experience. Overall, I’m grateful I get to experience this other culture and I am loving living life in a completely different place. I learn new things everyday and I’m just so thankful for this adventure.

Cover Image Credit: Personal Photo

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