The Playlist That Will Turn Any Lame Party Into An Absolute Banger
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The Playlist That Will Turn Any Lame Party Into An Absolute Banger

Songs that make you go 0-100.

The Playlist That Will Turn Any Lame Party Into An Absolute Banger

"Music is the space between the notes. It is something to be felt." -Claude Debussy

Personally, I agree with the 19th century phenom. The meaning and value of music varies from person to person because of the way each individual feels it. However, even though we all have different tastes and interests in music, there are a handful of songs that flip the "I'm invincible. Lets dance!" switch inside of everyone.

Enjoy this playlist and try not to break out into a full-blown dance routine while you're reading this.

1. "Hey Ya!" (Outkast)

Whether it's challenging a bunch of 7th graders to a dance-off at your cousins bat-mitzvah or getting everyone to the dance floor at what seemed to be an unsuccessful mixer, this song casts its spell upon anyone that can not only hear it, but feel it.

This is the song that'll take you out of your dance comfort zone. Have a listen, and I guarantee your body will move and react in ways you didn't even think it could.

"Hey Ya!" is the perfect song that can bring everyone in the room together to shuffle, whip their hair, and even do some aerials.

2. "Let's Groove" (Earth, Wind, and Fire)

The moment you hear that electronic/synth voice at the beginning of the song, you can instantly feel the groove sink into your veins as you start to get jiggy with it.

Even the person in your friend group with absolutely no taste in music starts to make bizarre and convulsive movements he/she calls "dancing."

Aside from being a world-class jam, "Let's Groove" has history and tradition. "Let's Groove" is the type of song that your parents have definitely 'busted-a move' to when they were younger and now, its your turn to follow in their footsteps.

3. "Hips Don't Lie" (Shakira)

Time to spice things up a bit. As soon as "Hips Don't Lie" blasts from the speakers, you'll hear things along the lines of: "OH MY GOD BECKY, THIS IS OUR SONG FROM CABO."

You'll also see two types of people getting buck-wild on the dance floor:

First, there's those girls who do Sunday morning Zumba and consider themselves belly-dancing prodigies

Then, there's those guys who dance horrendously off-beat while making hand motions and thrusting their hips, giving everyone confidence to dance along.

Either way, its a song that'll leave you exhausted and taking five.

4. "I Like Tuh" (Carnage ft. I LOVE MAKONNEN)

If you like tuh make money and get turnt, then this, my friends, is your jam.

As my friends and I were about to leave a party, this song came on. We gave each other a look that said "Let's wreak havoc" as our eyes lit up and as we stormed onto the dance floor.

"I Like Tuh" is the perfect song if you're looking to head-bop and join the circle twerk at a party.

5. "Mambo No. 5" (Lou Bega)

Last, but not least, is the song that simply brings out happiness and pure, positive energy.

"Mambo No. 5," at least for me, was the song I heard on the radio or on the Disney Channel every Saturday or Sunday morning. It was the song at weddings or birthday parties that my mom and I had choreographed a special dance for and never seemed to disappoint.

The moment this song comes on everyone starts to clap with the beat, sing along at the top of their lungs, and shimmy non-stop.

I hope I brought back some songs you haven't heard in a while and gave you some ideas for a playlist.

Next time you're at a party and the DJ is ruining the mood with his/her EDM and Z100 hits, take over and put these songs on for a night everyone will be talking about the morning after.

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