Playing Intramural Sports, As Told By "She's The Man"
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Playing Intramural Sports, As Told By "She's The Man"

Playing intramurals as told by everyone's favorite movie.

Playing Intramural Sports, As Told By "She's The Man"

Playing intramural sports is a great way to get involved on campus, stay in shape, meet people, and have fun. It can also be very interesting when it's a sport you've either never played or haven't played in a verrrry long time. This is your intramural season as told by "She's the Man".

When your roommate invites you to play before explaining it will require actual physical exertion on your part

When you go to your first practice and pretend like you've played your whole life

When your team wants to practice outside instead of inside

When it's time for your first game and you've gotta give yourself a pep talk

When it's 5 minutes in and you think you have undiagnosed asthma and you wonder how you'll get through the first half

When you get fouled for the first time

When you get a call while you're on the bench dreading going back in

When you get your first sports related injury ever

When your teammate tries to convince you to practice on an off day

When you actually score or do something right at all

So, don't worry you're not alone. Amanda Bynes and her friends at Illyria definitely know what you're going through this intramural season but keep it up! You're bound to get at least a little better and have some fun along the way!

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