It's finally October and it's time to celebrate the season of fall. Although there aren't many crunchy leaves to step on as of yet, there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy the season. Also, good luck to all of you who have pollen allergies!

1. Go apple picking

Apply picking is a traditional activity in the fall. You can go with your whole family or make it a cute date with just with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Wear your boots and a flannel and remember to take really cute pictures for Instagram!

2. Support your favorite team at a football game

Football season is finally here!! Put that jersey on and go to the game. Let's hope your team wins and makes it to the Super Bowl in February. Fingers crossed!

3. Go to a haunted house

Halloween the holiday of the season and there are haunted houses everywhere. Go with your group of friends and get spooked out. This is an experience you will talk about later. Check out some local haunted houses as well as big professional ones.

4. Get lost in a corn maze

Corn mazes can be pretty tough sometimes, but they are such an important part of the fall season. You can make them a competition with your friends or take little siblings along with you. If you are so scared of getting lost, you could always go with a buddy.

5. Make some dessert

It's kind of getting chilly now so warm yourself up with some warm desserts. Bake some brownies or muffins. And, don't forget to add in some pumpkin flavor to go along with the season! Some popular dishes you can try are pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple cheesecake, and caramel apple strudel.

6. Find your Halloween costume

So what's the plan this year? Are you and the girls following some theme? Are you and boyfriend or girlfriend going to be some famous couple or some punny pairs? Or are you going solo? You need to have your Halloween costume planned out and bought before ideas get taken and props get sold out.