The Media

Now this one's a no-brainer. We watch Fox or MSNBC or whatever news you like to watch, read, or listen to, and they all have this recurring theme of negativity and hatred. Whether it's across political party lines, showing how much ISIS hates infidels, or just how much people might hate each other in their own communities, it all takes a toll on how we view the world. Now the world is not by any means a perfect happy place, but we can make it better place by showing the love that we need and hopefully the people in the media will come to realize that one day and start showing more fluffy dogs and people helping out at the local shelter and stuff like that. 

Our Churches (Yes I Said It, Our CHURCHES) 

As the subheading states, yes I said it. Believe it or not there's a good amount of people who have come to use the church as a place to judge people on how righteous they are based on how they look and act in a certain fashion. In the church, which Jesus taught to strictly oppose judging lest you be judged. So quit looking in the offering plate to see how much the other person didn't put in, and look at the person to see how much you need to put into them. Quit looking at a person and judging them based off of what they wear to church and ask what your heart is wearing; is it Love, or judgement? Just show the love like Our Savior, Jesus, intended.


Oddly enough, we don't show ourselves enough love. I know I've lived it where I wake up hating myself everyday just for being awake, I've been there, but I didn't stay there; I knew I shouldn't, and you shouldn't either. Just show yourself some love, treat yourself, read a good book, read The Good Book. We just need to quit putting so much on ourselves to where if we don't accomplish every single thing we set out to do, then we see ourselves as failures. We're going to mess up every now and again, but don't think those mess ups define you. I believe we're defined by the love Jesus showed for us on the cross. We're worth someone's perfect life. We're pricelsss. You're priceless, not worthless. 

Now this isn't the only places where love needs to be shown. This is just places where I've experienced that need it maybe a little bit more. Everybody needs love; it's who we are. Let's not limit our love to specific places but wear love like we wear our clothes, and take it with us wherever we go.