The Best Places To Study At Purdue University
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Student Life

The Best Places To Study At Purdue University

Libraries, unions, and dorms, oh my!

Emily Hendricks
Emily Hendricks

When it comes to studying, I usually don't have a problem with finding a place to set up shop. I cannot stand silence, so I usually prefer to work in somewhat busy areas, though I know that is not the case for everyone. Purdue is great because there are so many different environments to choose from! Now that classes are well on there way and midterms are in full swing before spring break, here are my top 7 favorite places to study on campus that I definitely recommend!

Purdue Memorial Union

While it can get very loud here, I like to find a table for myself to sit and relax. I usually go to the basement level where all of the shops and restaurants are. There's a printer, and it is a short walk from several computer labs. It doesn't hurt that there's a Starbucks right next to where I usually find an open table!

Krannert Drawing Room

Krannert is the management school, which happens to be where I spend a majority of my time as a Marketing major. The Drawing Room is the first floor of the building and has tables, couches, and a mini computer lab-like area. I often go here before or in between classes when I need to use a printer or utilize school software.

Hicks Undergraduate Library

Hicks is a very popular library on campus. Located across the street from St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, next to the Stewart Center, Hicks is actually hidden underground. It is connected to PMU and Stewart with the underground tunnels. I usually find a comfy booth and get to work! There are also several printers in both black and white and color.

Dorm Lobby / Open Areas

Since every dorm has one, I won't list them individually. I lived in Wiley my freshman year and Windsor my sophomore year. In Wiley, there was a room in the basement with booth tables that I often sat at to study for exams. Windsor had several open areas with tables and booths where you could get things done, so that's often where I found myself.

HSSE Library

Another great library on campus is the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Library (HSSE). This is a great place to go if you need to use a school computer or print in either black and white, or color.

Dorm Room

Of course, your own personal dorm (or apartment) room is a great place, too! The only downfall is that it is very easy to be distracted by your roommate(s), your bed, or literally anything else you own. As long as you have a sturdy surface to work on–I suggest not laying in your bed, that is an easy way to make yourself not want to study–you shouldn't have too much of an issue getting work done.


The Wilmeth Active Learning Center is a centrally located place to study or even just take a break. There are computers and printers, a cafe, and even several classrooms. That being said, it is often packed to the brim and is difficult to find seating, so don't always count on it being your best bet during the day.

Find other libraries and places to study on campus here.

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