Fayetteville, Arkansas is one of the best places to live in the country. Just ask U.S News and World Report. It is also home to the University of Arkansas, and therefore, home to over 27,000 students. People from many parts of the world live and eat in Fayetteville, creating an atmosphere where there is bound to be some food you just can't seem to get enough of. These are the restaurant suggestions when I asked 17 students their favorite place to eat in Fayetteville.

"Mamaka, Giraldi's, and obviously Arsagas" 

Parker, 21

"Big Orange. Which is technically in Rogers but worth the drive."

Maria, 20

"Hugo's. They have good chicken tenders and burgers."

Selin, 19

"The Wendy's on MLK"

Sam, 20

"Little Bread Company"

Margo, 19

"Pesto Café"

Andrew, 19


Josh, 23

"Farmer's Table"

Mary Kinsey, 20

"Pieology! It is some of the best pizza I eat and I love the customization."

Garret, 20

"I like Damgoode Pies."

Jaden, 19

"If we are cheating, Marketplace Grille in Springdale."

Alex, 21

"Penguin Ed's and Wes's Barbeque" 

Justus, 21

"Hugo's is classic."

Susan, 20

"Café Rue Orleans. Order 'The Boat'."

Nate, 21

"Either Mojitos or Hammontrees"

Victoria, 20

"I really like The Catfish Hole."

Brad, 21

"Petra! It's a Mediterranean Café that is one of the best! The owner makes everything fresh, and he's from Jordan, and has authentic recipies. It's so good."

Cadi, 20

As you can see, the food in Fayetteville is obviously good, with so many varieties to choose from. So the next time you're here, be sure to check one of these places out. They've got the stamp of approval of college students, so eat and enjoy!