The Picky Eater Chronicles
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The Picky Eater Chronicles

I'm About To Cringe At ALL OF YOUR FOOD!

The Picky Eater Chronicles
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I hail from a household where my mother had a very limited diet due to several abdominal surgeries. This, in turn, made me into what society calls a "picky eater." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am one of those people who winces at the thought of eating out because I KNOW how it will end up. It will end up with me picking the most bland meal on the menu and everyone giving evil side eyes glances and thinking, "who brought this pasty piece of white toast here?" My roommate once said to me, "how do you even function?" a question that both bothered me and gave me a reason to write this here article for you today. Here is a list of things about picky eaters, a way to educate yourself instead of just be annoyed:

1. Picky eating can stem from anything.

It is a common concept that picky eaters are picky eaters because they like to be difficult. Though that could be true, in most cases it is not. As I mentioned before, my picky eating stems from my parents limited diet and therefore set up habits I have carried throughout my life. If my parents were able to eat anything under the sun and raised me to do the same, I'm positive I could have been that type of eater. Some people have health problems that limit them from eating certain things, some people made the conscious decision to become vegetarian or vegan, which obviously limits their choices. Picky eating usually isn't seen as a favorable quality and therefore it isn't always fair to put the person at fault for things they can't control.

2. We like our routines.

I'm going to be honest, my breakfast routine (unless I'm going to a diner for breakfast) usually consists of one of three types of cereals and orange juice. My lunch is either whatever my mom made for me, which is one of five things, or I'm going to get the tuna sandwich from Panera. My dinner has some variation, as that is where I find my diversity in meals, but I'm not straying too far from the pack. My eating habits have been the same since I was a little kid and I like them, meaning they aren't going to change unless there is a sudden shortage of Cheerios.

3. Going to restaurants of a certain culture is a NIGHTMARE.

Though it's probable that most everyone you know loves Chinese, Mexican, Indian, or Thai food, the process of trying foods from other cultures is a difficult concept for a picky eater. It's awesome for everyone else to experience culture through food, but for picky eaters it's just another stressor. There are no chicken tenders and fries on the menu, and sometimes it's hard to even understand what the food could look like. Trying new food while traveling abroad is supposed to be a fun part of the experience, but it can be downright unnerving for people who are set in their ways regarding what they eat. Unless it's Italian, where pasta is a given, eating food of another culture can end up being a very small and sad meal for a picky eater.

4. You are not the only one being inconvenienced.

Throughout my life as a picky eater, I have come across many people who get downright angry when my eating habits do not fit into their diverse diets. My eating habits become an annoyance since I "can't eat anywhere" and am "afraid to try new things." Those who are not picky eaters must understand that this aspect of my life is just as annoying for me as it is for you. I would love to be able to just eat anywhere, but I just can't. Sometimes my stomach can get upset from eating certain kinds of foods; sometimes I just can't stand the taste. I envy those who can eat anything and reap all of the benefits, but I am unfortunately not one of those lucky souls.

5. Everything seems to have an "acquired taste."

More often than not, when a picky eater tries something new, they won't like it. This can shock their friend who hyped up a certain meal only to be met with a cringe-y face and an apologetic smile. "It's just an acquired taste, you'll get used to it if you try it more!" is a phrase people always say to me. Though that may be true, it's unlikely I'll go through with it.

6. We can eat a lot, and do quite often.

For some reason, people always assume I eat like a little sparrow who has just woken for spring time because I like Cheerios and other small meals. The truth of the matter is, if you are eating with me in a place that has a limited menu, then I probably won't be eating like a horse. But, when I'm home with all the wondrous food I have loved for several years, move aside y'all. For picky eaters, it takes the right kinds of foods to bring out our inner wild bear eating, but trust me, we have it in us.

7. We enjoy what we eat, we survive off what we eat, and you don't have to worry.

Sometimes it seems like peoples impressions of picky eaters it that they can barely function because their diet is so limited. That is just a FARCE, okay? My food and I are friends. Though you may feel inclined to save us from what you see as en extremely bland diet, if we were unhappy with our eating choices, we would surely make a change. I eat foods that touch each part of the food pyramid, I am healthy, and I feel good. Isn't that all that matters? So what if I don't like Chipotle burritos or try to stay away from watermelon at all costs? I'm very content with how my life is, and my food is a part of that.

8. We are not hopeless!

Yes, picky eaters can be extremely set in their ways. Some people refuse to try anything that has green on it or looks mildly out of their comfort zone. But with encouragement, you can get a picky eater to try new things! Even if they end up hating it, which it probable, just to be able to say they tried can be a big accomplishment for them.

So, in conclusion, if you are a picky eater: own it. Don't be sorry if you hate foods that other people like. What you eat is your own choice and you are the only one who enjoys it, so eat the things you enjoy (don't forget to be healthy too, though). If you are not a picky eater but happen to be extremely annoyed by your friends who are, I hope this post served as a way to help you understand. When it comes down to it, what we eat is each of our own individuals choices. There is no need to make others feel bad just because they may have less than you. Snack on, friends!

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