What To Binge Watch on Netflix
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What To Binge Watch on Netflix

Pick a show, grab a snack and start watching!

What To Binge Watch on Netflix

Hi friends,

I have a love hate relationship with starting a new show. I love the fact that I am immersed into a new storyline, fall in love with characters and find new actors to keep up with. The only downside, is when the show ends. What in the world do you do next? I've created a list of my favorite shows to binge watch. Pick a show, grab a snack and start watching!

1. "Gilmore Girls"

If you're looking for a light hearted, family oriented, real life feel- Gilmore Girls is the show for you. Set in the fictional town, Stars Hallow, CT, follow single mom Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory. The show takes you on a journey and focuses on their close knitted mother- daughter relationship. Gilmore Girls touches on hard work, ambitions, family (the drama that comes with it) and variation of wealth/ social class. My favorite part about this show aside from the realness and relatability, are Lorelai's famous pop culture references and the Gilmore's obsession with coffee. The show takes you through real life transitions: high school to college, starting a business, balancing work, friends, family, love and finding your voice in the world. By the end of the show, I felt like I was a part of the Gilmore family and now I want to move to Stars Hallow.

2. "Revenge"

Amanda Clarke thought she knew her father. Then one day she's told that the man who raised her was a criminal, liar and ruined people's lives. As an impressionable young adult Amanda believes them, convinced her father is the horrible man the world paints him to be. She soon realizes her father was framed. Amanda picks up, changes her name and moves to the Hamptons to seek revenge on the family that disrupted her childhood, turned her against her father and caused his death. The now Emily Thorne is determined to clear her father's name, no matter what it takes.

3. "Nikita"

A secret government agency, called "Division" rescues troubled Nikkita from her death row sentence and trains her to become an assassin for the United States. Realizing how dysfunctional this secret group is, she goes rouge. Her new mission is to destroy Division and stop them from creating more assassins, like her.

4. "The 100"

Almost 100 years after Earth has been deemed as "unsurvivable" due to a nuclear war, 100 troubled teens are sent from their new home in space to see if Earth is survivable. What they discover is unlike anything they can imagine or predict. The vacant Earth unveils species that somehow managed to survive the war and live on Earth with genetic distortions. While making the descend from space, their pod crashes and cuts off all communication from their home. How will they let the ark know that Earth is intact and that they need help defending themselves from the things on Earth?

5. "Grand Hotel"

Set in Span 1905, is "Grand Hotel" (also known as "El Gran Hotel"). Don't let this show fool you. It is a spanish soap opera that moves as fast as lightning. If you aren't fluent in Spanish, that OK!- pop the English subtitles on and follow along. Just when you think you have the plot figured out, BAM- the show pulls a 360. Julio surprises his sister Christina at the hotel she works for, as a maid. Little does he know, she is dead. He is determined to figure out who killed her and why. Deviously, he takes on a job as the new waiter, changes his name and starts trying to solve the mystery. The only thing he doesn't expect, is to fall in love with the Alicia, the wealthy daughter of the Hotel owner.

Grand Hotel is infused with devious staff, forbbiden love, crazy husbands, murders and the installation of new technology. I can guarantee boredom will be the last thing you feel when watching this.

6. "How To Get Away With Murder"

Annalise is a law professor who alongside five of her law students is swept up in a murder plot. The show flashes back to the night of a murder, and present day allowing for viewers to solve the mystery, as if in real time. Did one of Annalise's students kill their fellow university student? What about another professor, or someone close to Annalise?

7. "Jane the Virgin"

Jane, a dedicated and faithful Catholic woman, was accidentally artificially inseminated at her last doctor's appointment. She finds out that the intended insemination was for the wife of the young millionaire she used to have a crush on. Jane begins to question her relationship with longterm boyfriend Michael, her career and herself. Jane's life goal was to have her life completely different from her mother's who was pregnant with Jane as a teenager. But now, this unexpected pregnancy reflects her mother's life a bit more that she likes. The show takes you on a rollercoaster of a journey and proves that the unexpected can be good, despite how difficult it can be in the heat of the moment.

8. "Reign"

Based on Mary, Queen of Scots, Reign tells the tale of a young Queen who marries into the French monarchy, to secure her throne in Scotland. Mary faces many trials and enemies. She needs allies to ensure her country's safety and existence. it seems no matter how hard she tries in France, or who she aims to please, things take a turn for the worst. Will Mary be able to keep her throne, or will the English finally force her out of her home?

9. "Limitless"

Consisting of one season, the show follows Brian, who after taking the drug NZT, is able to use the full power of his brain. Brian uses his abilities to aid the FBI on ongoing cases and is used as a test subject to see why this mysterious drug isn't affecting him like previous users. Little do they know, that he is immune to the side effects.

10. "That 70's Show"

The show follows a group of teenagers in Point Place, Wisconsin, in the 1970's. The characters unveil that despite the difference in time, teenager's back then have the same struggles as teens today. That 70's Show is full of laughs and creates a bridge between the past, and today.

Happy binge watching!

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