I think that many people, particularly college students are very hard on ourselves. We have finals, grades, jobs, money, friendships, housing and so much to worry about. And people are often very hard on themselves when they don't get the grade that they want or they have enough money in the bank account.

I think we need to remind ourselves that we are worthy to love ourselves. So here is a list of tips to love yourself a little more.

1. "You are doing the best you can"

2. "There are people who love me"

3. "There are people that I love"

4. "I am smart and I can pass this class"

5. "My opinions, thoughts, and ideas matter"

6. "I am strong and can overcome this challenge"

7. "I have come so far and I want to keep improving"

8. "I am working towards a brighter future"

9. "There is always an opportunity for improvement"

10. "I can do everything I set myself up to do"

11. "I have the right to happiness"

12. "I love myself completely"

13. "I am worthy of everything that I am"

14. "I am worthy of opportunities that I am presented with"

15. "I can make a difference in someone else's life"

16. "I have something to contribute to the world"

17. "There are people who value my time"

18. "People value my effort"

19. "I am not defined by what happiness to me"

20. "I am proud to be who I am."

Remember to always love yourself because this is the only life you got. Even though that one grade or that one class may seem like the end of the world. It's not. There is always some way to overcome as long as you stay strong and keeping. Remember that you define your worth.