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Over spring break, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Germany to visit a friend.

When I got there, I was amazed by how beautiful the landscape was and how charming the little towns were.

I have always loved taking photos, and I love photos with a story even more. Needless to say, I walked away from my trip with more than 200 photos of everything I had seen. Here are five of my favorites:

1. Churches

Southern Germany is the area I visited. This happens to be a very Catholic area and every village has a church in it. They all look like what is pictured above. They are incredibly old and extravagantly designed.

2. Dinkelsbühl

Dinkelsbühl is a town in southern Germany that I got to visit. It is very old and is considered to be a medieval town, it still has a wall around it and everything. There are charming little houses and some of the residents of Dinkelsbühl even live in the still-existing watch tower and in the wall around the town.

3. First Flight

Everyone has seen this: the stereotypical airplane wing photo. Here is the thing though: this was my first flight and I was in awe. The awe was warranted, in my opinion, especially because there was a rainbow right next to the wing: so cool!

4. Castle

Something I was amazed to see in Germany was castles. The hilly landscapes allow for castles atop those hills. When they were built they were placed on hills so that the guards of the castle could see any potential intruders coming up the hill and thwart them before they could enter.

5. The forest and the Romans

One day, I got to visit a piece of the Roman wall that still exists in a German forest. The German forest may actually be what protected the Germans from the Romans so effectively. The Romans called it the "black forest" because the trees are so close together and at night it is pitch black.

During the day though, it is a little reminiscent of a Bob Ross painting, don't you think?

Southern Germany is beautiful and I loved every second of my trip there. The photo ops were great and I got to experience a beautiful culture and landscape.

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